HomePod mini in yellowSource: Apple

What you need to know

  • Apple has announced new playlists for Apple Music.
  • It has also announced a new Voice Plan for the service.
  • The company is also releasing three new colors for HomePod mini.

At today's Apple event the company has announced some updates for Siri that looks to make it more helpful when you are listening to Apple Music, the company's music streaming service.

To make Siri more helpful in Apple Music, the company has launched a ton of new playlists that you can use Siri to find the right mood for you. The playlists include themes for dinner parties, snowboarding, yoga, and more.

Apple Music Voice PlanSource: Apple

In a surprise update, Apple also announced the Voice Plan for Apple Music, a new subscription that uses only your voice and Siri to access every song, playlist, and station across Apple Music across all of your devices. The Voice Plan is a new plan that is added alongside the other plans that already exist. It will launch later this year across 17 countries for $4.99 per month.

To help you enjoy all of this music, especially through Siri, Apple has announced some new HomePod minis in a range of new colors including Blue, Orange, and Yellow.

They will cost the same as the current HomePod mini colors and will be available later this year.