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What you need to know

  • Peloton is rumored to have a new bike incoming that includes support for Apple Watch.
  • A new Bloomberg report says that the bike could arrive as soon as next week.
  • The Apple Watch would likely report heart rate data straight to the bike.

Peloton is rumored to have a new bike in the works and according to a new Bloomberg report, we could see it land as soon as next week. It's going to be costly though – the report claims it will cost more than the $2,245 you'd spend to get a current bike.

That should also see the existing version of the bike fall in price, potentially to the sub-$2,000 mark.

The new stationary bike will be a premium offering called Bike+, and will likely cost more than the current $2,245 version. Peloton will then drop the price of the existing machine to less than $1,900, the people said.

Oh, and it'll include one-touch support for Apple Watch, too, according to Connect the Watts and The ClipOut reports.

Here's the latest – How will the bike interact with Apple products?? Well, for one if you have an Apple watch, you can simply tap the display to pair and begin displaying your heart rate. Second, it will automatically update your rings! WOW!

Alongside the new bike, dubbed Tread+, Peloton is said to have a new treadmill in the works. Both the new bits of kit will feature a new 23.5-inch screen that can be adjusted in its orientation, making it easier for people to see even when they aren't actually using the equipment it's mounted to. It's thought that will allow people to use the Peloton service for more than riding bikes and running on treadmills.

One of the new features of the cheaper Tread and higher-end bike will be a more adjustable tablet screen. This will help users do different workouts near the machine, not just on it, expanding the variety of classes. Peloton is also preparing bootcamp training classes for its bikes, which are strength training video workouts currently available on the Tread and the Peloton mobile app, according to the people familiar with the matter.

As for the Apple Watch support, it isn't yet known whether Apple's GymKit framework will be used or if something else is at play here. We'll hopefully get teh answers to that and more questions if and when Peloton announces something.