Instax Mini Link New Pokemon SnapSource: Rebecca Spear / iMore

Being able to print your adorable New Pokémon Snap pictures makes playing this fictional safari game that much more fun. After you've made your rounds and discovered your favorite shots, the Instax Mini Link lets you print out your pictures. You could pin them to your wall, give them out to friends, or maybe even make a real-life Photodex. It's definitely one of the best accessories for Nintendo Switch. But like many accessories, it can be confusing to use. Don't worry. We'll help you get printing in no time.

Note: The Instax Mini Link does not come with any printer paper. You'll need to purchase it separately.

Products used in this guide

  • Instax Mini Link Printer ($100 at Amazon)
  • Instax Mini Refills ($15 at Amazon)
  • New Pokémon Snap ($60 at Amazon)

Do I need the Nintendo Switch version of the Instax Mini Link?

Instax Mini Link New Pokemon Snap PrintedSource: Rebecca Spear / iMore

The Instax Mini Link is a smartphone printer that has been around since 2019. However, on April 30, 2021 a Special Edition Nintendo Switch version released alongside New Pokémon Snap. The new version looks and works almost identically to the original except the Nintendo Switch version has some different coloring; a red line in the printing area and a blue ring around the Instax button.

You do not need the Nintendo Switch version of the Instax Mini Link in order to use the app and print your Nintendo Switch pictures, which is good considering that the Nintendo Switch version has been selling out within minutes each time it gets restocked. Save yourself the trouble and just order one of the older models. They come in white, pink, or blue. For this guide, I used the simple white one instead of the new Nintendo Switch version.

Print your favorites

Instax Mini Linkproduct Shot

Instax Mini Link Photo Printer

Snap pics and print them

Print New Pokémon Snap screenshots to make the game even more fun. The app also makes it easier to adjust your shots for the perfect Polaroid-style image.

Phone Requirements

  • iOS: Version 10.0 or later
  • Android: Version 5.0 or higher

Note: Unfortunately, this printer does not work with all devices. The Instax Mini Link manual states, "Depending on your smartphone model, you may not be able to use the INSTAX Mini Link Smartphone App even if you have installed it and your smartphone meets the above requirements."

How to setup the app

  1. Go to the App Store or Google Play Store to download the free Instax Mini Link for Nintendo Switch app.
    • It's simply listed as "Link for Nintendo Switch" on the App Store.
  2. Open Settings on your phone.

    Instax Nintendo Switch App GetInstax Nintendo Switch App SettingsSource: iMore

  3. Tap on Bluetooth.
  4. Make sure the Slider is on the right and the button is green.

    Instax Nintendo Switch App BluetoothInstax Nintendo Switch App Bluetooth OnSource: iMore

  5. Open the app.
  6. The app will ask if it can access your Photos. Either select Select Photos in order to determine which photos the app can access or select Allow Access to All Photos if you want the device to easily access everything.

    Instax Nintendo Switch AppInstax Nintendo Switch App Photo AccessSource: iMore

  7. The app will ask if it can access your Camera. Select OK.
  8. If Bluetooth isn't set up yet, it will ask if the app can use Bluetooth. Select OK.

    Instax Nintendo Switch App Camera AccessInstax Nintendo Switch App Bluetooth AccessSource: iMore

  9. The app's terms and conditions will pop up. Read through them then tick the check mark at the bottom.
  10. Tap Agree to this content.

    Instax Nintendo Switch App Terms And Conditions Check MarkInstax Nintendo Switch App Terms And Conditions AgreeSource: iMore

  11. A screen will pop up explaining everything that the app can do. Swipe through the tutorial and then tap I Understood.
  12. Choose whether you want the app to have a New Pokémon Snap, Animal Crossing, or Mario theme. Then tap OK.

    Instax Nintendo Switch App I UnderstoodInstax Nintendo Switch App Theme OkSource: iMore

  13. The app needs to be paired with the Instax Mini Link. To start that process tap Set.
  14. Your phone will start searching for a Bluetooth connection. When the Instax device appears on the screen tap Connect.

    Instax Nintendo Switch App Set BluetoothInstax Nintendo Switch App ConnectSource: iMore

With the initial process completed, you're ready to start printing your favorite pictures. If there was an issue, make sure that your phone and the Instax Mini Link are near each other during the pairing phase and that both have plenty of battery life.

How to install Instax Mini film

  1. Slide the button on the backside of the Instax Mini Link to open the hatch.
  2. Carefully open the packaging with the Instax Mini film refills.

    • Do not squeeze the packaging as this can damage the film.

      Instax Mini Link Film Slide ButtonInstax Mini Link Film Open Refill PackagingSource: Rebecca Spear / iMore

  3. Place the film inside with the yellow tag facing you and pointing upwards.
  4. Now close the hatch.

    Instax Mini Link Film Install FilmInstax Mini Link Film Close HatchSource: Rebecca Spear / iMore

  5. You'll know you successfully installed the replacement film when the printer automatically prints out the cover slip.

    Instax Mini Link Film Cover SlipSource: Rebecca Spear / iMore

    With the film in place, it's time to get on to the fun part! Actually printing everything.

Uploading images from New Pokémon Snap

The way New Pokémon Snap works, images are stored within the game and not in your Nintendo Switch Album. As such, you'll first need to save your favorite images to your Switch before you can go any further. Here's how to do that.

  1. From New Pokémon Snap's main menu, select Lab.
  2. Select Your Space.

    New Pokemon Snap LabNew Pokemon Snap Your SpaceSource: iMore

  3. Select Album.
  4. Select the image you want to upload to your Switch.

    New Pokemon Snap AlbumNew Pokemon Snap Select PictureSource: iMore

  5. Select Save to System.
  6. Now press the Home button to go to your Switch's main menu.

    New Pokemon Snap Save To SystemNew Pokemon Snap Home Button CroppedSource: iMore and Rebecca Spear / iMore

  7. Open your Switch Album.
  8. Select the image you want to print.

    New Pokemon Snap Switch AlbumNew Pokemon Snap PictureSource: iMore

  9. Press A to bring up your options.
  10. Select Send to Smartphone.

    New Pokemon Snap Press ANew Pokemon Snap Send To SmartphoneSource: iMore

  11. If this is the only picture you want to print at this time, select Only This One. If you want to print multiple, select Send a Batch and then select additional images. A barcode will appear on your Switch screen. Now it's time to go to your phone.

    New Pokemon Snap Only This OneSource: iMore

Printing Nintendo Switch pictures from the Instax Mini Link app

  1. Tap the button that says Switch Direct Print from within the Instax Mini Link for Nintendo Switch app.
  2. Scan the first QR code with your phone.

    Instax Mini Link Printing Switch Direct PrintNew Pokemon Snap First Qr CodeSource: iMore and Rebecca Spear / iMore

  3. Scan the second QR code with your phone.
  4. Select OK to send the image(s) to the Instax Mini Link app.

    New Pokemon Snap Second Qr CodeNew Pokemon Snap Qr Code OkSource: Rebecca Spear / iMore

  5. Now the image will come into the app. You can rotate the image using your fingers. You can also zoom in or zoom out for the perfect focus.
  6. Tap Text to add words to your picture.

    Instax Mini Link Printing UploadInstax Mini Link Printing TextSource: iMore

  7. The Filter button lets you add four different filters.
  8. The Correction button lets you adjust brightness, saturation, and contrast.

    Instax Mini Link Printing FilterInstax Mini Link Printing CorrectionSource: iMore

  9. If you want, you can also add a themed frame to your image. To do that you'll need to back out of the editor and then select Frame Print. You'll be able to do all of the other editing options you saw previously. Just note that adding a frame also adds copyright text to the picture.
  10. When you're all done making changes, press the print button.

    Instax Mini Link Printing Frame PrintInstax Mini Link Printing PrintSource: iMore

  11. When the film first comes out the paper will just be white, but will gain color within a few seconds. Enjoy your pictures!

    Instax Mini Link New Pokemon Snap PicsSource: Rebecca Spear / iMore

Now that you're able to print, you can create physical copies of your favorite New Pokémon Snap moments. Or you can print any of the screenshots on your Switch. Why not make a physical Photodex showing off your sweet shots?

Print your favorites

Intax Mini Link Nintendo Edition

Instax Mini Link Photo Printer

Snap pics and print them

Print New Pokémon Snap screenshots to make the game even more fun. The upcoming app will also make it easier to adjust your shots for the perfect Polaroid-style image.


Instax Mini Link Pikachu

Instax Mini Link Photo Printer Special Edition

A printer in a cute Pikachu case

Print New Pokémon Snap screenshots to make the game even more fun. The upcoming app will also make it easier to adjust your shots for the perfect Polaroid-style image. This version releases in May.

Don't forget the refills

Instax Mini Instant Film

Instax mini Instant Film

Printer paper

You don't want to run out of printer paper when you're in the middle of playing New Pokémon Snap. Make sure to grab a few refills so you don't run out.

Take your best shot

New Pokemon Snap Render

New Pokémon Snap

Take pics of your favorite Pokémon

As you explore the Lental Region, you'll have the chance to take pictures of Pokémon. Some of them are rarer and will be hard to get good pictures of. See how many sweet shots you can take.

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