New Pokémon Snap: Can I print pictures?

Instax Mini Link New Pokemon Snap
Instax Mini Link New Pokemon Snap (Image credit: Fujifilm)

New Pokémon Snap: Can I print pictures?

Best answer: Yes, Fujifilm and Nintendo are teaming up to allow Switch players to print screenshots from the Instax Mini Link Photo Printer. Players will need to use the companion app to make this work. There's even going to be a special Pikachu Edition printer. New Pokémon Snap, Instax Mini Link for Nintendo Switch printer, and the companion app release on April 30.

Oh the nostalgia

Back in 1999, the original Pokémon Snap was released on N64. Since cellphones weren't a common item and definitely didn't have the abilities of today's smartphones, players had to go to special Pokémon Snap Stations located in places like Blockbuster or Toys "R" Us to print out their favorite pictures.

With New Pokémon Snap releasing just around the corner, Nintendo and Fujifilm are bringing back the fun of printing out your Pokémon pics with the Instax Mini Link Photo Printer. This device prints your Switch pictures out in Polaroid style. This printer has actually been around since 2019, but a new Instax Mini Link for Nintendo Switch version as well as an upcoming companion app will make it work more conveniently with the Switch.

Instax Mini Link Pikachu (Image credit: Fijifilm)

In addition to the base printer, Fujifilm is also releasing a special Pikachu version that comes with a Pikachu-shaped silicon case. It's absolutely adorable. The Pikachu Edition will release sometime in May. It will likely become one of the best Nintendo Switch accessories. I mean, you could even print out a tangible Pokémon Photodex.

Can I edit my screenshots with the app?

Sort of. The Instax Mini Link's companion app isn't super intensive, but it does let you zoom in, adjust image locations, choose from different frame designs, and more.

Does the original Instax Mini Link printer work with Nintendo Switch?

As I explained previously, the Instax Mini Link has been around for awhile now, it's just that Fujifilm is releasing a newer version at the same time as New Pokemon Snap. I reached out to Fujifilm and asked whether or not you need the new version to print pictures with the Nintendo Switch. I was told that "current Mini Link devices can print via the new app."

So while the new Instax Mini Link for Nintendo Switch printer has a red trim and a nice nod to Nintendo, you'll be fine purchasing one of the original versions. Besides, it's a lot easier to get one of the originals right now as the Nintendo Switch version has been selling out incredibly fast.

Are there other ways to print New Pokémon Snap pictures?

Of course, there is a way to print New Pokémon Snap pictures or any Nintendo Switch screenshots from a regular printer instead of needing Fujifilm's Polaroid-style device. It requires that you have access to a printer. Just send Nintendo Switch screenshots to your phone and then print from there.

Of course, this is functional, but it's also not as fun as getting a cute little picture to print on the spot. You'll just have to decide which way you want to go.

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