Softmaker Office2021 BoxartSource: Softmaker

What you need to know

  • Softmaker Office 2021 is now ready for your new M1-powered Mac.

More and more apps continue to gains support for Apple silicon with Softmaker Office 2021 the latest to jump in. A new update has been released that adds support for the new Apple M1 chips and beyond.

Announced via press release, the update is free to all existing users and continues to support Intel Macs alongside those powered by M1. The installer will automatically install the correct version of the app based on the machine it's running on, the press release notes.

The new installation program for Mac includes versions for Intel and M1 processors and automatically selects the appropriate version.

Anyone with the app already installed will also be notified that an update is available and ready to be installed.

Today's update enables users of a Mac with M1 processor ("ARM Mac") to use SoftMaker Office 2021 on their device without hardware emulation. While SoftMaker Office 2021 was already compatible with all current macOS versions including Big Sur, it now also natively covers the latest Apple hardware.

SoftMaker Office runs at lightning speed on the new M1 processor – just like it does on all other supported platforms.

Softmaker Office 2021 is available now for $99.95, although annual subscriptions are also available for people who prefer that route.