NGTeco Smart Door Lock review: Keyless entry and all the control

Ngteco Smart Fingerprint Door Lock
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Bottom line: The NGTeco Smart Lock is a convenient way to control and monitor who can enter your home and when. You can program this door lock to open using the app, a keypad passcode, a fingerprint, or an old-fashioned key.


  • +

    Convenient and easy to use

  • +

    Create multiple profiles for family members and friends

  • +

    Provides multiple ways to unlock the door

  • +

    Allows temporary passcodes for guests

  • +

    Keeps record of entry


  • -

    Sometimes fingerprint doesn't work

  • -

    Requires gateway accessory to connect to Wi-Fi

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If you've ever lived with a front door that locks automatically, then you have probably locked yourself out a few times. I know I have. In fact, when my husband was out of town, I actually had to call a locksmith to get me back into my own condo, a process that was embarrassing and expensive. I've also had to leave my key under the mat a few times to let in a neighbor or relative when I wasn't in the house. Not exactly a secure solution when you live in Colombia as I do. Today, all of these little annoyances have been resolved because of the NGTeco Smart Door Lock.

Keypad door locks have become increasingly popular in recent years, but NGTeco takes the keypad a step further with a fingerprint sensor and wireless unlocking functions using a companion app on the iPhone. Now I can unlock my front door from anywhere, and more importantly, so can my kids. This is going to prove very convenient within the next few years as they enter teenhood. If this sounds like a good solution for your home, I've got all the pros and cons:

NGTeco Smart Door Lock: Price and availability

Ngteco Fingerprint Keypad Door Lock

Ngteco Fingerprint Keypad Door Lock (Image credit: Jaclyn Kilani / iMore)

The NGTeco Smart Door Lock is available on Amazon for around $146. At the moment I'm writing this article, it's currently going at a discounted price of $125. Keep in mind, if you want it to work with your Wi-Fi so you can change settings and unlock the door remotely, you'll need to buy the NGTeco Wi-Fi Gateway as well. This accessory costs $39, which increases the end cost of this product. In my opinion, however, it's a necessary add-on. If and when these products are available at a discount or promotion, we'll include them in the iMore Deals section.

NGTeco Smart Door Lock: Minute control of comings and goings

Ngteco Smart Lock App

Ngteco Smart Lock App (Image credit: iMore)

Although we mostly got this smart lock to prevent anyone from getting locked out, I never realized how convenient it would become. Now my kids can come in and out as they please without having to knock and wait for someone to open the door. When I come home, I don't have to dig through my endless void of a purse to find my keys — I just use my fingerprint to enter in seconds. I've also used it to create a temporary code for a friend who stayed in my home to take care of my dog while my family was away on vacation. There are so many ways to use the NGTeco Smart Door Lock!

It works using the NGTeco Home app where you can set up individual user profiles, passcodes, electronic fingerprints, and temporary entry methods as well. You can also open the door from anywhere using the iOS app. I currently have profiles for my husband and myself, as well as for each of my kids. Each of us have our own fingerprint recorded in the app so we can each come and go as we please. Now no one can be locked out! I can also create user profiles for other family members like my mother-in-law, or for guests and neighbors. I can use the app to designate when non-family members are allowed to enter, or create temporary passcodes that can only be used for a short period of time. I especially appreciate this feature when I go out of town, because it allows for a neighbor or friend to enter when needed without giving out actual keys to anyone.

I especially appreciate this device when I go out of town, because it allows for a neighbor or friend to enter when needed without giving out actual keys to anyone.

Although I don't own an AirBNB or rental property, I can see how something like this would be incredibly convenient for hosting temporary guests. You could use it to create temporary passcodes for each new guest without worrying about key drop offs, lost keys, or the potential problem of guests copying your physical key. I also like that the app has a record of entry. If something goes wrong, you can see who has unlocked the door and when.

Finally, the smart lock has a backup system in case there's any problem opening it. For one thing, there is a physical key that can be used to open the door in case of any electrical error. Or, if the battery dies, you can plug a power bank into the micro-USB port at the bottom. The power bank can power it on long enough to unlock the door, even if the internal batteries are dead. Overall it's a very convenient system and has simplified my family's comings and goings considerably.

NGTeco Smart Door Lock: Wait, there's more?

Ngteco Smart Keypad Lock With Handle

Ngteco Smart Keypad Lock With Handle (Image credit: Jaclyn Kilani / iMore)

First, it's important to note that in order to program or use the NGTeco Smart Door Lock from far away, you will need to buy a Wi-Fi gateway. The smart lock will only work with Bluetooth unless you buy a gateway to connect it to Wi-Fi. The gateway costs about $39, which adds to the end cost of the product, but it is definitely worth the expense. Once you have the gateway connected, you can use the app to unlock the door from anywhere, near or far. The reason this is important is because, every once in awhile, the fingerprint sensor might not recognize your fingerprint.

It's only happened a few times, but especially if my hand is sweaty or if I've recently put lotion on my hands, the sensor will not recognize my fingerprint. I have a backup passcode, but my kids do not. So if for any reason I or one of my children can't get in, we can call my husband to let us in remotely with his iPhone. He can do this from the app anytime, even if he's working on the other side of the city. Overall, the smart lock works great, but it's good to have these backup mechanisms in place, just in case.

NGTeco Smart Door Lock: Competition

Sifely Smart Lock

Sifely Smart Lock (Image credit: Sifely)

Although there are plenty of smart locks out there, I haven't seen many locks that come with a handle, a fingerprint sensor, and remote unlock features. The NGTeco Smart Door Lock is one of the most feature-packed devices of its kind. The most similar product on the market is the Sifely Keyless Entry Door Lock. This one allows for all the same methods of entry as well as entry with key fobs. The price is also similar at $135. I've never used a Sifely smart lock, but it appears to work in much the same way as the NGTeco with some differences in physical appearance. Deciding between the two will likely come down to design preference.

There is also the Securam Touch Smart Lock, which has a fingerprint reader, Bluetooth connectivity, and two physical keys. It has a 9V backup battery access, as well as optional autolocking and a door sensor. It is a bit more expensive, though, and also requires a hub for Wi-Fi access.

NGTeco Smart Door Lock: Should you buy it?

Ngteco Smart Keypad Door Lock With Handle

Ngteco Smart Keypad Door Lock With Handle (Image credit: Jaclyn Kilani / iMore)

You should buy this if ...

  • Your front door locks automatically when it closes.
  • You want to allow entry into your home without handing out physical keys.
  • You own AirBNB or rental properties.

You shouldn't buy this if...

  • You don't want to buy a Wi-Fi gateway.
  • You don't like the idea of keyless entry into your home.

The NGTeco Smart Door Lock is an excellent tool to add convenience and versatility to your smart home. Whether it's just for family or for professional rental properties, you won't have to worry about handing out keys, lost keys, or unwanted copies of keys floating around. There's also no chance of anyone getting locked out since you can unlock the door from anywhere. Take complete control of who enters your home and when with the touch of a button. Since there's a complete record of everyone's comings and goings in the app, it's also a good way to keep track of everyone that enters your home.

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