Niantic announce shiny Pokémon for the Ingress Prime release

Niantic has had huge success with Pokémon GO. What you may not know is that their original game, Ingress, is what Pokémon GO is based on, and the games share information to create the portals and Poké Stops you visit in the games. With the re-launch of Ingress, now called Ingress Prime, Niantic also gave us some information about a Pokémon GO tie-in to run alongside it.

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Niantic has announced that Pokémon GO will receive two new shiny Pokemon to celebrate the launch of Ingress Prime, a green shiny Cubone, representing the Enlightened faction in Ingress, and the beautiful blue maned Ponyta, representing the Resistance. These two colors make the most sense as they are the corresponding faction colors in Ingress Prime

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The guys over at the Silph Road have managed to catch the shiny forms of Cubone and Ponyta already and posted them to Twitter for all to see. The spawn rate of both Pokemon has also been increased which I can confirm. No shinies for me just yet but there are a lot more Ponyta and Cubone around.

You may recall that shiny pokemon take their shiny color over when they evolve, so a green Cubone will become a green Marowak and the blur Ponyta will evolve into a blue Rapidash so make sure you catch all the normal ones you find to for the candies. I'm kind of in love with the blue Rapidash myself but the green Marowak is pretty cool too.

Have you caught them yet?

Are you playing Ingress Prime? or are you just excited for a couple of new shiny Pokemon? let us know in the comments if you managed to catch them already or if you are going on the hunt!<img

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