Nightwatch FrontSource: NightWatch

What you need to know

  • NightStand is a magnifier for your small Apple Watch screen.
  • You'll be able to see your watch much more easily when it's in nightstand mode.

Apple Watches have had a feature called nightstand mode for years now and it's designed to turn your watch into an alarm clock when charging and placed on its side. It's pretty sweet, but it can be difficult to see because it's small. NightWatch fixes that by magnifying everything.

It sounds simple, but it works. With global patents apparently already pending, NightWatch "magnifies the Apple Watch and provides a large touch screen to tap on the watch display at night."

That certainly sounds like a good idea. And the images make it look great, too.

Nightwatch SideSource: NightWatch

Because of its shape, NightWatch also promises to make your Apple Watch's speaker louder as well – great news for those of us who are too good at sleeping through alarms!

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Oh, and it's made for your Apple Watch's charger to fit in perfectly, too.

The Apple Watch charger fits perfectly into NightWatch. The cord chamber enables left and right positions on your desktop or bedside table. Once installed, just drop in your watch into the chamber to charge it and the face will instantly convert to NightStand mode displaying a full clock face.

I really like the idea of this and priced at $50, it isn't going to break too many banks either. And yes, you can check out using Apple Pay.

All Apple Watches appear to be compatible with NightWatch, including Apple Watch Series 6 – the best Apple Watch ever made. Until Apple Watch Series 7 rolls around, of course!

I'm honestly surprised I haven't ordered one of these yet. I spied it over on Tom's Guide about 30 minutes ago, so it's only a matter of time!