Nike Run Club gets new metrics in update

Nike Apple Watch
Nike Apple Watch (Image credit: Apple)

What you need to know

  • Nike has updated its Nike Run Club app.
  • Version 6.6.0 adds interface tweaks during running.
  • It also has new post-run metrics.

Nike has updated its Nike Run Club app to include new interface tweaks and post-run metrics including cadence and fastest mile.

As reported by 9to5Mac:

Nike is rolling out a nice update to the Nike Run Club app for iPhone and Apple Watch today. The update brings new interface tweaks to the Apple Watch app, as well as additional metrics to the post-run experience.Nike says the new version of the Nike Run Club app shows additional metrics when you finish your workout. These new metrics include cadence, the speed of your fastest mile, and more.For Apple Watch users, the Nike Run Club app has added two notable new features. First off, Apple Watch app now shows your Run Level color throughout the interface. This one of the more competitive features of Nike Run Club — you achieve different Nike Run Levels based on the total distance you've run with the app:

The interface update means you'll now see your Run level color on the interface all the time, your color is based on how far you've run with the app:

  • Yellow: 0-49 km (0-30 mi)
  • Orange: 50-249 km (31-154 mi)
  • Green: 250-999 km (155-620 mi)
  • Blue: 1,000-2,499 km (621-1,552 mi)
  • Purple: 2,500-4,999 km (1,553-3,106 mi)
  • Black: 5,000-14,999 km (3,107-9,319 mi)
  • Volt: More than 15,000 km (9,320 mi)

Nike Twilight Mode means your run level color will also show up during workouts.

Nike has also added "enhanced run details" so that you can view more post-run metrics including cadence and fastest mile.

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