Nikon Nx StudioSource: Nikon

What you need to know

  • Nikon has released NX Studio, a new photo management and editing software for Mac and PC.
  • The software is free for all users and works great with Nikon cameras.

Nikon has released a new app that assists camera owners with both photo management and photo editing, and the best part is that it is free for both Mac and PC users.

The software, called NX Studio, is described as one software to do it all, integrates the previously separate ViewNX-i and Capture NX-D pieces of software.

Bring the Nikon experience to your computer with NX Studio, a comprehensive image-processing suite designed for viewing, processing and editing images captured with Nikon digital cameras*. NX Studio integrates the image viewing features of ViewNX-i and processing/editing features of Capture NX-D into one piece of software, compatible with both Mac and Windows-based PC computers.

The software will provide plenty of options for sorting through all of the photos and videos you take on your Nikon camera.

The more photos and videos you have to sort through, the more important it is to have an intuitive and intelligent image browser. Save time and work smarter with NX Studio. The software will streamline your browsing workflow with a variety of views for thumbnails, location data, metadata, side-by-side comparisons and full screen images.

Nx Studio Smarter BrowsingSource: Nikon

In addition to photo management, NX Studio also includes a full-featured photo editing side of the software.

Enjoy full-scale editing, with a user friendly interface that will be instantly familiar to Nikon camera users. Whether you're looking to simply crop or straighten an image, or you're making more immersive enhancements like retouching images, applying corrections, adjusting Picture Controls or adjusting colors and exposure in portions of the image, you'll find the tools you need in NX Studio.

Nx Studio Edit EverythingSource: Nikon

You can learn more about and download NX Studio for Mac directly from Nikon's website. If Nikon's software isn't the right fit for you, check out our list of the Best Photo Editing Apps for Mac.