Nintendo is selling Super Smash Bros. Ultimate GameCube controllers for the Nintendo Switch!

The Wii and Wii U both allowed gamers to use Nintendo's older GameCube controllers, which many players preferred to use for competitive gaming, especially the Super Smash Bros. community.

During Nintendo's E3 presentation, the company also announced that they would be selling a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate version of the classic GameCube controller and re-releasing the adapter to make it work with the Nintendo Switch. You need both the controller and the adapter to use the controller with the Switch!

What if I have the controller and adapter already?

Good news! If you already have an old GameCube controller lying around and the adapter, you don't need the new versions!

In fact, the Nintendo Switch can already use GameCube Controllers if you have the all the right equipment, so you won't need to spend the $50 bucks on the new versions!

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Can't get enough Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

Don't worry, we have you covered! we have everything you need to know about Smash Bros. here!

Do you play Smash with a GameCube Controller?

I'm debating whether or not I should pre-order these items. I like the GameCube controller, but I spent so much money on the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller and love it to pieces! Will you be ordering a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate GameCube Controller?

Let me know in the comments down below!

Jaz Brown