Nintendo is selling Switch OLED docks separately

Nintendo Switch Oled Model In Dock
Nintendo Switch Oled Model In Dock (Image credit: Rebecca Spear / iMore)

What you need to know

  • Nintendo upgraded their classic Nintendo Switch to the Nintendo Switch OLED model.
  • The new OLED model offers an improved screen and a new dock with built-in LAN support for a wired connection.
  • The dock is available for purchase on Nintendo's website and is compatible with older Nintendo Switch models.

Nintendo is known for continuously improving their hardware as their life cycles progress, adding bells here and whistles there. The new and improved Nintendo Switch OLED model offered some incentives for new and returning Nintendo fans — an improved OLED screen, increased system memory, and a new dock that offers a built-in LAN port. LAN ports allow for wired internet connections, which anyone who enjoys the system's online multiplayer games is sure to appreciate.

Nintendo is offering this new, shiny dock in both black and white colors on the official Nintendo store, for $70 USD each. These will work with all Nintendo Switch models except for the Nintendo Switch Lite, which can't be connected to a TV for docked play. So whether you own a V1 or V2 Switch model, you can benefit from added LAN support.

Bear in mind that the dock sold on the official website does not come with an AC adapter packed-in, you'll have to purchase that separately. While we can't confirm that this is the first time the OLED dock has been offered separately in the U.S., this is the first time we at iMore have seen it available. There's no guarantee that these will be around for long, so you may want to pick it up if you're looking for a new dock this holiday season.

Nadine Dornieden

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