Nintendo Switch Sports has started a new wave of nostalgic memes

Nintendo Switch Sports Broken Tv
Nintendo Switch Sports Broken Tv (Image credit: @romandalorian on Twitter)

The pandemic has many of us yearning for times of old. We're more nostalgic for retro games or things we experienced in childhood, and nothing says nostalgic family time like Wii Sports. Those who never thought they'd pick up a game brought Wii Sports into their living rooms, sparking a revolution. Though it was great that grandma and grandpa were getting in their exercise playing bowling, not everyone adhered to the not-to-sutble warnings from Nintendo to keep the wrist strap on. Soon enough, Wii remotes were flying, expensive TVs were breaking, and the world descended into chaos.

History often repeats itself, and the same is happening with Nintendo Switch Sports, which is essentially a Wii Sports remake for the Switch. Joy-Cons and shoes alike are flying through living rooms across the world, initiating a new wave of memes about the new Sportsmates avatars, blunders people have made in games, cute Easter eggs, and how much all of our collective arms hurt. Here are some of the best memes we've found. Remember to keep your wrist strap secured, so you don't break your TV.

Not even one day in and we're on our way back to Best Buy

Who knew this game could be so wholesome?

Send help, we're all very tired

At least we'll be swole by the time this is all over

My heart can't take the stress of bowling

Some relationships are already being tested

Cruisin' to go give my opponents a bruisin'

It's time to get revenge for all those boxing matches, Matt

Teamwork makes the dream work!

Nothing's more satisfying than a double strike

Stop embarrassing me!

Four memes for the price of one

Uh, that was totally on purpose, I swear

Maybe the real game is the children we destroy along the way

Well that was... illuminating

This is so cursed

They were very close friends

Bustin' some moves — and some lamps

It's always great to see when games bring people together for a laugh. Though it's not taking the world by storm just yet in the same way that its predecessor did, it's clear that Nintendo Switch Sports has the potential to become a holiday staple alongside other great games like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Remember to be careful, take breaks every now and then, and make sure your wrist strap is attached!

Nadine Dornieden

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