Nomad Slim Strap Apple Watch BandsSource: Nomad

What you need to know

  • Nomad just announced the Slim Strap band for Apple Watch.
  • The band is designed exclusively for the 38/40mm Apple Watch.
  • It's available in black and "natural" color options.

Nomad today announced the Slim Strap Apple Watch band, available exclusively for the 38/40mm Apple Watches.

Designed to be thinner than the existing Horween Leather Straps that Nomad sells, the Slimp Strap features custom hardware that will make your watch look as great as possible. That hardware is available in black, silver, and gold to make sure it matches your Apple Watch perfectly.

Nomad Slim Strap Bands Black BeigeSource: Nomad

The two color options, black and "natural," will give people the chance to choose one that fits with their watch and style. They both look pretty slick, though.

It's a shame that these bands aren't available for those of us with the larger Apple Watches but it does make plenty of sense. Nomad says that this new design was "heavily influenced by the women on the Nomad team" and the more options available for smaller watches, the better.

I just wish I could get one of these to go with my great big honking 44mm monster.

If you've just picked up a new Apple Watch Series 6, why not grab one of these bands to go with it? They're available now and priced at $69.95 direct from Nomad.

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