Nomad's new Natural leather collection brings a softer look to the brand (finally)

Nomad today has launched a new line of Horween leather products that opens up a whole new world to those of us looking for something a bit less "classic rugged." I'm not saying I don't totally love the Indiana Jones look of the Traditional Strap, but that doesn't even come in my size anyway. With the new Natural leather look, in 38/40mm size, we're getting something lighter, brighter, and just as well-designed as the rest of Nomad's line.

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The Natural collection starts with three new products — two Modern Straps (one with gold hardware and one with silver hardware and a Natural leather Rugged Case for AirPods.

I've seen all three in real life and have to say, I'm enamored with the look. The lighter band really appeals to me. It has the slightest peach hue right out of the box. It's not pinkish or orangey. I haven't seen the band in real life with the full patina yet, but from the images on Nomad's site, it will wear into a saddle brown sort of color over time.

The $60 Apple Watch bands have Nomad's same Modern Strap design, which is very similar to Apple's discontinued Classic Buckle style.

The $30 Rugged Case for AirPods has a unique design with white trim that I just love. It's similar to the brown leather case, but that white really pops.

You can pick up all three in the Natural leather collection; the gold hardware Natural leather band, the silver hardware Natural leather band, and the Natural leather Rugged case for AirPods, starting today at Nomad.

See at Nomad

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