Hazel being used to manage mediaSource: Noodlesoft

What you need to know

  • Hazel has been updated with macOS Catalina support.
  • The app is now notarized for added security.
  • THe new Music app is supported, too.

Noodlesoft's Hazel Mac automation tool has been updated to add official support for macOS Catalina. It can also now be used with the new Music app, too.

Noodlesoft says that any automations that previously used the "Import into iTunes" action will continue to work with Music in lieu of iTunes.

There are other changes to this release, too. Hazel is now notarized which will surely make Apple happy, and multiple bug fixes are also included. Interestingly, Noodlesoft says that it had to work around various macOS Catalina bugs in this update as well.

New Features:

  • Compatibility with Catalina. This mostly affects handling certain new privacy protections.
  • Added support for the new Music app on Catalina. Should work as "Import into iTunes" did before.
  • Hazel is now notarized.
  • Hazel now requires macOS 10.12.

User interface changes:

  • Tons of workarounds for various Apple bugs concerning preference panes in Catalina.

Core changes:

  • Worked around bug introduced in Catalina where numbers would get reformatted with a decimal ("1″ would become 1.0").
  • Fixed various issues with the "Sort into subfolder" action using either wildcards or multiple folder levels.
  • Fixed issue when passing numeric attributes to AppleScripts as arguments.
  • Fixed a couple of issues regarding custom date attributes being used on the right hand side of a condition.
  • Removed Growl support.
  • Various other tweaks, fixes and workarounds.

The update is available for free for those who already own Hazel 4.x. If you don't, you can pick a copy up from the Noodlesoft store. Upgrade priving is also available for owners of older versions, too.