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What you need to know

  • Apple's iPhone SE went on sale yesterday.
  • Early pre-orderers have already had theirs arrive.
  • Ordering now could leave you with a mid-May delivery.

Who knew that there would be a market for a low-cost, capable iPhone? Pretty much everyone, so it shouldn't be a surprise that you might be in for a wait if you haven't placed an order for an iPhone SE yet.

Checking Apple's online store in the UK and US shows delivery estimates of as late as the middle of May. That's across all color and storage options – although we all know that the only one you should buy is the (PRODUCT)RED one, right?

Whether you're on the fence about ordering or are just trying to kill the time before yours arrives, we have you covered. Lory's iPhone SE review answers any and all questions you might have and we've collated a ton more dreviews as well.

If there's one theme running through all these reviews though, it's this; if you're waiting for a new iPhone to arrive, fear not. It'll absolutely be worth the wait!

Low Price/High Value

iPhone SE (2020)

iPhone SE (2020)

Apple's lowest-price iPhone stocked with the latest internals.

Bottom line: If you've been waiting three years for Apple to update the Home button iPhone, your wait is over.

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