The Nurugo Micro microscope uses the iPhone camera to magnify 400x

After raising nearly 500% of its original Kickstarter goal back in February, the Nurugo Micro digital microscope is finally shipping, and we took it for a spin during CES 2017!

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The microscope is deceptively easy to use: because the lens, which magnifies up to 400x, sits on top of an existing phone camera, it doesn't need any batteries or additional equipment. Just a clip and a tight fit. The beauty of this product is how portable it is, and how well it works with the free iPhone app.

We tested it on our skin during Showstoppers, and the included app analyzed its condition, from moisture level to pore size (ew!), but Nurugo says the use cases are multitudinous. And because it's attached to a smartphone camera, of course the footage can be recorded for posterity.

Nurugo, which sells the Micro magnifying lens for a very reasonable $70, is aiming to distribute the product in schools and chemistry labs around the world.

Daniel Bader

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