OLED iPads and MacBooks: Sketchy rumors stir real hopes

What you need to know

  • Samsung OLED could be coming to the Mac with the 16-inch design refresh.
  • The iPad Pro line could also be updated to include Samsung OLED displays.
  • But... this source doesn't have a proven track record on rumors so, grains of salt.

Apple could be getting ready to expand its OLED rollout from the existing Apple Watch and high-end iPhone X-series devices to include both the next generation iPads Pro and the rumored upcoming 16-inch MacBook Pro redesign.

From The Elec, translated by Google:

According to industry sources, Apple is considering adoption of OLED displays in its high-end "pro" models of notebook and tablet PC product lines. The new 16-inch 'MacBook Pro' with OLED display will be added to the notebook lineup and the existing 11-inch 'iPad Pro' display from LCD to OLED.

As MacRumors points out, The Elec "does not have a proven track record in terms of Apple rumors."

Does it make sense? The things holding Apple back previously were uniform/consistent brightness across the larger panels, and cost given the yields. If Samsung has solved for both those things, that'd be great.

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Well, except for people who suffer from the pulse-width modulation (PWM) flicker that comes with current OLED displays... They may either have to hope Apple keeps LCD options, or doesn't modulate too aggressively at lower brightness levels.