Mac Pro 6000 Chrome TabsSource: iMore

What you need to know

  • A single Chrome tab eats RAM. It's just a fact.
  • But how many tabs can a new Mac Pro with 1.5TB RAM handle?
  • Jonathan Morrison wanted to find out.

We already know that Chrome is a RAM monster. It eats as much as it can get. So the thought of having 6,000 tabs open on a single Mac makes my skin crawl. But what if that Mac is a Mac Pro? And what if that Mac Pro has 1.5TB of RAM?

YouTuber Jonathan Morrison wanted to see what it would take to max out his Mac Pro with 1.5TB of RAM. And while some people try multiple video edits and others run thousands of audio tracks to see what happens, Morrison took a different approach. He decided to see how many Chrome tabs his Mac Pro could handle.

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Turns out it was a lot.

You're no doubt wondering how much it would cost to kit out a Mac Pro with 1.5TB of RAM. And the answer is less than you might think, so long as you don't ask Apple to install it. Instead, Morrison went the OWC route, saving big in the process.

You really need to watch the video to enjoy the madness that is 6,000 tabs on a Mac. You won't regret it!