Onmail Inbox Break ArtSource: OnMail

What you need to know

  • Email app OnMail has added a new feature designed to pause incoming emails.
  • Users can pause email to allow them to focus on other things.

Email app OnMail has added a new feature that will make it easier for people to focus on tasks instead of watching new emails land in their inbox.

Dubbed Inbox Break, the feature prevents users from seeing their inbox while they get on with other things — and users can either begin ad-hoc sessions or build them into their day using schedules.

Inbox Break gives you full control over when you receive email. We've all seen the effects of an inbox that won't take a break — a sideline of parents with their heads buried in their phone during their kid's soccer game, the quieter family meals at the dinner table as everyone gazes into their phones while eating, or even the distracted glances in between date night activities or important work meetings.

While iPhones and the upcoming iOS 15 already have features designed to help with notification fatigue, OnMail's developers believe that those tools don't go far enough. That said, iOS 15's Focus mode could be one of the best iPhone features of this year.

Without being able to take a break from the noise, people find themselves chained to their emails. Even with phone features like Do Not Disturb, you're still able to see the messages come in in the Notifications Center. Inbox Break is here to change that.

The new Inbox Break feature is available to OnMail users whether they use the free version or are paid customers and emails are once again available once a break is over. The feature will work across iPhone, iPad, Mac, and the web, too.

Those keen to learn more about how OnMail's new feature works can read all about Inbox Break on its website.