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What you need to know

  • Opera's GX Mobile browser is here.
  • It's the first-ever mobile browser for gamers.
  • It has cool customization features and syncs with Opera's desktop operation.

Opera has today released its GX Mobile browser for iOS, a browser designed specifically for gamers.

In a press release the company stated:

Opera Limited, one of the world's major browser developers and a leading internet consumer brand, today announced the launch of Opera GX Mobile - the world's first mobile browser designed specifically for gamers. Opera GX Mobile builds on the rapid 190% year-over-year growth of Opera GX, Opera's desktop browser used by over nine million gamers. Together, they form the perfect ecosystem of gaming-inspired browsers.

Opera says GX Mobile (currently in beta) has custom navigation, vibration and haptic feedback, as well as synchronization between the mobile and desktop browsers it offers.

It has a homepage dedicated to gaming news, deals and releases just like the desktop version too, as well as four different color themes. Opera says its users have "relentlessly" been asking for a mobile version since its desktop version was released. It also has a feature called GX Corner:

GX Corner is a super handy feature for us gamers. In the new mobile browser, it sits just below the search bar and speed dial. Give it a tap to see a game-release calendar, daily gaming news, plus deals and links to games on sale. It's everything you need to stay up-to-date with the world of gaming.

You can read the full announcement here, and Opera GX mobile is available on TestFlight for iOS.

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