Otterbox Figura CaseSource: Jaclyn Kilani / iMore

As a long-time OtterBox fan, I had to have the Figura case from the moment I saw it on the Apple website. In the past, I've purchased OtterBox cases purely for protection, but this time I wanted the case more for its good looks. The artistic, painterly feel of the design is a far cry from the heavy-duty, bulky look we usually see from OtterBox. This case is meant to protect the phone and look good doing it.

Despite its elegant appearance, the Figura series still provides substantial drop protection for the iPhone, from corners to screen to camera. And let's not forget the built-in MagSafe compatibility! This aspect was important to me since MagSafe is perhaps the most innovative feature with the iPhone 12. I'm looking forward to exploring the different ways I can use this feature.

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The OtterBox Figura series is made up of beautiful cases without a lot of bells and whistles. Its purpose is to look gorgeous while it protects your phone, and it performs this function very well. For OtterBox, this is a thin case — probably the thinnest one they make. I like that it is thin and lightweight, but it still feels substantial enough to provide good protection. The synthetic rubber construction is soft to the touch and easy to take on and off. It also comes in four artistic color combos available for any size of iPhone 12, from the mini to the Max.

Otterbox Figura Series Case

OtterBox Figura Series Case with MagSafe

Bottom line: The OtterBox Figura series of cases offers a lovely artistic design paired with drop-tested protection and MagSafe technology. It's the perfect pairing for any iPhone 12 configuration.

The Good

  • This case is drop-dead gorgeous
  • Thin and lightweight
  • Smooth yet grippy feel
  • MagSafe technology
  • Good protection for camera and corners

The Bad

  • Less screen protection than other OtterBox models
  • Paper MagSafe insert seems inelegant

Pretty protection

OtterBox Figura Series: What I like

Otterbox Figura CaseSource: Jaclyn Kilani / iMore

First of all, what caught my eye was the creative painterly design that comes in four vibrant color combos. I love art and all things creative, so this appealed to me immediately. The case looks as if it were hand-painted in subtle colors that meld together like an abstract work of art. I love every color of this case, and the yellow/blue combo is my fave. For looks, I give this case a 10/10.

The first thing I noticed when I took this case out of the box was the ultra-smooth texture that is both supple and grippy at the same time. It's soft like a silicone case but a little firmer with a more substantial feel. I love the silky smooth texture almost a much as I love the design, and the tough material seems to work as a good shock absorber as well.

The artistic, painterly feel of the design is a far cry from the heavy-duty, bulky look we usually see from OtterBox.

As for functionality, the case is guaranteed by OtterBox Certified Drop+ Protection, and so far, it has held up. I'm a notorious butterfingers, so it didn't take me long to put this case to the test. I've dropped the iPhone several times from about four feet, and so far, so good. No evidence of damage to the case or the phone. I also like that there's a raised lip around the triple camera in the back, so I don't have to worry about any scratches to the lenses if the phone slips and slides around on the table.

MagSafe wireless charging also works beautifully with the Figura case. The MagSafe charger snaps right into place and stays put, just as if there was no case there at all. I have yet to test out any other MagSafe accessories, but this feature seems to work seamlessly with the OtterBox Figura series.

All about that lip

OtterBox Figura Series: What I don't like

Otterbox Figura CaseSource: Jaclyn Kilani / iMore

My one worry with this case is that the raised lip around the screen seems a lot less substantial than the other OtterBox cases I've owned. It just barely extends above the screen. Since I have a nasty habit of breaking my iPhone screens, I'm concerned that this thinner case may not be as protective as the more heavy-duty cases I usually go for. With that being said, I have dropped the iPhone screen-down in this case, and it seems to be doing its job.

Another thing I noticed is that the MagSafe feature, in this case, is made up of what appears to be a cardboard insert set into the interior of the case. I almost removed it initially because it looked like it should be part of the packaging. It seems like an inelegant solution to me, but perhaps this is just phase one of installing a brand new technology into iPhone cases. I'm hoping that future MagSafe solutions will look a little more sophisticated, but the important thing is, it does work well with MagSafe accessories.

Bottom line

Otterbox Figura CaseSource: Jaclyn Kilani / iMore

4.5 out of 5

After years of bulky, heavy-duty cases, this slim, attractive OtterBox case was a refreshing change to go with my iPhone 12 Pro Max. Since I'm pairing it with an already large and heavy phone, the lightweight material doesn't weigh it down any further. The colorful design looks like an abstract painting that fits right in with the cool Pacific Blue shade of my iPhone. It's also soft, smooth, and grippy, so it feels ever-so-good in my hand. As far as design goes, this case receives top marks in my book.

For protection and performance, I worry that the protective lip around the screen may not be quite deep enough, but after several drops, the case and iPhone are both unmarked. Despite its slim profile, the Figura case does seem to exhibit the same drop protection I've come to expect from OtterBox. Combine that with the cool new MagSafe technology, and you've got the complete package. As far as I'm concerned, there's no better case to pair with an iPhone 12.

The Perfect Pair

Otterbox Figura Series Case

OtterBox Figura Series Case with MagSafe

When functionality looks good

For a combination of beautiful design, good protection, and advanced technology, the OtterBox Figura series is the perfect companion to the iPhone 12.

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