These are the Apple Watch bands we wear every day.

If you're an accessory geek, there are lots of Apple Watch bands to be had: Fancy bands, workout bands, weird bands, you name it. Given that most of the iMore staff owns quite a few options, we decided to sit down and chat about our favorite band picks.

Our favorite casual/workout Apple Watch bands

Lory Gil: Woven Nylon

My personal favorite casual and workout band for Apple Watch is the Woven Nylon band. Just about any color will do. I prefer the Woven Nylon over the Sport band because it is much more breathable. My Sport band would always get sweaty and stick to my wrist.

The Woven Nylon band is incredibly versatile, too. You can wear it while working out, or with jeans and a t-shirt. In a pinch, it is even passable for formal wear. I love that the lugs are brightly colored. It makes it possible for me to use different bands with my space gray Apple Watch Sport without worrying about clashing.

Woven Nylon - See at Apple

Rene Ritchie: Woven Nylon

I used to be a Sports Bander, but that's because Sports Band was the only real workout option. I loved how slick and waterproof it was, and how the inside was hollowed out to keep the air moving on your skin. But then Apple introduced the Woven Nylon and the new hotness took all my attention.

It's just as waterproof as the Sports Band but even more breathable, which matters a lot to me. And it looks great. Where the Sports Band is flat, the Woven Nylon band is filled with texture. I went black to keep it subtle, but I also break out the pink or yellow on occasion, to spark things up. Woven Nylon also looks good enough to go from the gym to out on the town. It's a terrific look.

Black Woven Nylon - See at Apple

Mikah Sargent: Black Woven Nylon

Rene's got great taste in Apple Watch bands, and I agree with him on all points: The Sport band was my go-to until the nylon band hit the scene.

I'm not a huge fan of the colorful nylon bands (yes, I saw them in person, too), but the black nylon option is subtle, good-looking, breathable, comfortable, durable … the list goes on. I still swap in a Sport band from time to time, but the Black Woven Nylon band is my everyday carry.

Black Woven Nylon - See at Apple

Daniel Bader: Black Woven Nylon

I took to the Woven Nylon bands the moment they were announced in March. It was no surprise, either, since I had invested in a couple of third-party NATO bands in late 2015 just to get on that train.

I also see I am not alone in my predilections; while I still love the occasional jaunt in my red Sports Band, there is nothing quite as goes-with-anything as the black Woven Nylon band. It also has a traditional buckle which, though I love the fasteners in the sports bands, feels a bit more secure.

Black Woven Nylon - See at Apple

Serenity Caldwell: Pearl Woven Nylon

If you've tried the Woven Nylon bands, I don't think it's any surprise that we unanimously picked the bands as our favorites for casual use and working out. As those before me have said, the nylon band beats Apple's fluoroelastomer Sport in almost every way: It's more comfortable, it breathes better so that your skin doesn't get itchy or sweaty, and it looks incredible.

For me, I go back and forth between the Gold/royal blue band and the Pearl, but the Pearl wins out in this challenge: It looks great with a wide variety of outfits and accessories, and I love how it almost resembles the Milanese in certain lights without the weight or the arm-hair-pulling.

Pearl Woven Nylon - See at Apple

Our favorite dressy Apple Watch bands

Rene Ritchie: Hermes Single Tour Feu

Feu is the French word for flame or fire. And fire this is. It's Hermes leather in Hermes orange, and it brings with it both the classic look and the incredible craftsmanship they're famous for. The materials are spectacular, the quality is terrific, and everything from the stitching to the texture just screams quality and consideration.

Beyond the look, the Hermes straps are incredibly comfortable and durable. The only downside is that they're hard to find in stock, especially the colors. So, if you like one, grab it when you see it.

Hermes Single Tour Feu

Serenity Caldwell: Red Modern Buckle

The brown Modern Buckle was my first dressy Apple Watch band after the Milanese, and once I picked it up, I became immediately obsessed with the modern buckle line. I love how light and non-leathery this leather band feels on the wrist, and it classes up just about any outfit you wear it with. (I can be wearing yoga pants and look awesome. Thanks, Modern Buckle.)

The Red Modern Buckle was one I'd coveted since I first saw a version released with the $17,000 rose gold Apple Watch Edition; when Apple released it to the masses (minus the rose gold clasp, natch), it was a no-brainer purchase for me.

Red Modern Buckle - See at Apple

Mikah Sargent: Black Leather Loop

The Black Leather Loop is as versatile as it is good-looking. The leather material, which does a good job absorbing moisture, is flexible and smooth. I love how it feels on my wrist almost as much as I love how it fits my wrist. The Leather Loop has a series of magnets embedded into the tiny segments of the band. Those segments serve as adjustment points, making the band highly adjustable.

The black color of the band compliments my Space Gray Apple Watch Sport quite nicely. The Black Leather Loop is a classy choice for any Apple Watch model.

Black Leather Loop - See at Apple

Lory Gil: Space Black Milanese Loop

The Space Black Milanese Loop caught my eye the moment it was introduced at Apple's press conference earlier in 2016. It is stunning and looks fantastic, even with my Space Gray Sport Apple Watch. The difference in material is just subtle enough that you almost can't tell, especially when viewing from the top-down.

The band doesn't have any adjustment slots – it stays on using a magnetic clasp. So, I can adjust the size within millimeters. If my arms get puffy because it's so hot out, I can move the magnetic clasp back just a hair for a little more room. I've had my Milanese Loop since March, 2016 and I've never had an issue with it pinching or coming loose.

Space Black Milanese Loop - See at Apple

Daniel Bader: Saddle Brown Classic Buckle

From the moment I first laid eyes on it, I knew the Saddle Brown Classic Buckle would be my go-to daily Apple Watch band. I'm the kind of guy who buys the same shade of fashionable brown dress shoes to go with his fashionable brown business belt, so that I went for this particular shade of Classic Buckle should come as no surprise.

But what did surprise me was its quality. I have subjected this band to everything, from water to oil (don't ask) to the daily grind of everyday life, and the leather looks the same — nay, better! — as it did the day I bought it. Some people railed against the band's $150 price; I say that is a bargain.

Saddle Brown Classic Buckle - See at Apple

Our favorite third-party Apple Watch bands

Rene Ritchie: Hermes Cuff

Yes, I'm a little obsessed with the Hermes straps. But with good reason. The Cuff combines a Single Tour with just what the name implies — a leather cuff. And, to me, it looks fantastic. It only comes in the Fauvre (brown) color, but it ages terrifically well. After a few months, it looks like Indiana Jones' Apple Watch band.

It's absolutely not for everyone, but for those who love the look as much as I do, it's almost for all the time.

Hermes Cuff - See at Apple

Serenity Caldwell: Pad & Quill's Classic Band

For a long time, I didn't want to wear any bands that weren't my Modern Buckle, but Pad & Quill's classic leather band changed that: Though it doesn't have Apple's brilliant magnetic clasp, the leather band is still impeccably made, and it's skinny design means it looks great on even the smallest wrists. I've found myself wearing the dark blue more and more whenever I want a slightly more textured look to my leather bands.

Classic Leather Band - See at Pad & Quill

Mikah Sargent: The Pocket Apple Watch

I think this might be cheating, because it's definitely not a band, but Tom Ford rocks an ever-so-chic Apple pocketWatch. The Watch doesn't have any bands attached to it, just a chain on one side.

Sure, you'd lose some of the health tracking features and you'd probably have to enable Prominent Haptics, but damn would you look fly! I could see wearing my Apple pocketWatch to a fancy dinner or gala.

Tom Ford's Pocket Apple Watch - See at Twitter

Lory Gil: Custom Casetify band

Hands-down, Casetify makes the coolest weird Apple Watch band. You can make your own out of any pictures you want. You can connect your Facebook or Instagram account and use pictures from social media, or upload them straight from your computer.

You can choose from a couple of different layouts to make a band that works just for you. I don't own a custom Casetify band yet, but that's only because I'm still trying to decide whether I want pictures of my cat, my band (musical band, not watch band), or BB-8. For the price, I should just get all three.

Custom Casetify band - See at Casetify

Daniel Bader: Leather Strap for Apple Watch by Nomad

OK, OK, it's really similar to the official one, but Nomad's Leather Strap is awesome. It uses thick Horween leather and custom molded 316 stainless steel buckle and lugs for an oversized look that fits perfectly into the Apple Watch design.

At $150, it's the same price as the Classic Buckle, but it's the only third-party Watch band I've found that actually fits like a first-party one. Nomad even made its own custom lugs. Comes in black and silver finishes to match the Apple Watch, and only in 42mm.

Nomad Leather Strap - See at Nomad

Your favorites?

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