ŌURA launches third-generation Smart Ring with 24/7 health tracking and more

Oura Smart Ring App Activity Lifestyle
Oura Smart Ring App Activity Lifestyle (Image credit: ŌURA)

What you need to know

  • ŌURA is launching the third-generation of its popular Smart Ring today with more advanced sensors.
  • It costs $299 and comes in four finishes.
  • Alongside the new ring, ŌURA is launching a new monthly membership at $5.99 a month.

ŌURA, the company behind the Smart Ring, has launched the third-generation of its flagship product. I've reviewed the second-generation Oura Smart Ring a few months ago, and it became one of my favorite health and activity trackers. However, while it exceeded at tracking your health metrics at night, it wasn't as useful during the day. This changes with the third-generation Oura Smart Ring.

With the third-generation Oura Smart Ring, it's 67% smaller than the original version, and the same size as the second generation. However, unlike the second iteration, the new Oura Smart Ring packs in 3x the number of advanced and sophisticated sensors in the same sized ring, which is impressive. It also has 32x more memory than the previous iteration, which allows for complex calculations and data collection, even with the smallest changes in your body. The ring itself is made with an ultra lightweight titanium that has a scratch-resistant diamond coating, it's water resistant up to 100m, and it can withstand a variety of temperatures ranging from saunas to ice baths. A full charge only takes between 20 to 80 minutes, and a single full charge can last up to seven days.

Oura Smart Ring Gen 3 Product

Oura Smart Ring Gen 3 Product (Image credit: ŌURA)

There are three LED's in the new Oura Smart Ring: Green, Red, and Infrared. Green is for use during the daytime to track your heart rate. Red will allow the ring to measure your blood oxygen (SpO2) levels during Restorative Time. And finally, the infrared LED are used for deeper penetration for measuring resting heart rate, heart rate variability (HRV), and respiratory rate.

Upon launch of the third-generation Oura Smart Ring, these new features are included: Daytime Heart Rate, Period Prediction, and Improved Temperature Sensing. The upcoming features that will be available at a later date include: New Content (like Guided Sessions), Workout Heart Rate, Restorative Heart Rate, Women's and Reproductive Health, Improved Sleep Staging, and Blood Oxygen (SpO2) Sensing. While no set date has been announced, ŌURA says that these features will be "available later this year." You'll continue to get all of the previous features of the Oura too, such as the daily scores, step counting, automatic activity detection, and more.

When it comes to women's health, ŌURA is trying to make some significant strides in the area. With period prediction, ŌURA is trying to help members better understand and even track menstrual cycles and symptoms, which result in a better understanding of their bodies overall. The Oura Ring can even pick up on subtle changes in the body, such as body temperature, that are associated with hormone shifts in each cycle phase.

The new Oura Smart Ring starts at $299 and comes in four finishes: Silver, Black, Stealth, and Gold. You can purchase one directly from ŌURA's website.

On top of the new third-generation Oura Ring, ŌURA is launching a new monthly membership that starts at $5.99 a month, and new users get a 6-month free trial with purchase of a third-generation Oura Smart Ring. The membership gives you full access to the ŌURA platform, which includes daily health insights, personalized recommendations, an expanding library of guided audio sessions, educational videos, and much more. New features will be added to support new additions for the third-generation Ring.

If you decide to not go with the membership, you'll get basic features in the app like the three daily Oura Scores (Readiness, Sleep, Activity), ring battery level, basic profile information, and app settings. All other contributors, tailored insights, features, in-app content, and other Oura experiences will be locked behind the membership.

For existing Oura Smart Ring users, ŌURA is offering a discount on a new ring and you'll get a free lifetime Oura membership.

Personally, the Oura Smart Ring has become one of those smart health trackers that I don't think I can go without. Since the best Apple Watch still can't tell me what sleep stages I am in during the night, I've found the sleep data that Oura provides to be invaluable. I'm eager to check out the third-generation Oura Smart Ring, especially with all of the other health insights that it will be able to detect.

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