Outlook for iPhone and iPad rolls out a new look based on Sunrise

Microsoft is rolling out a new and major update for its Outlook email and calendar app for the iPhone and iPad. The app will incorporate a number of design features that are a part of the Sunrise calendar app that Microsoft acquired a number of months ago.

Microsoft says:

For example, the message list on Outlook now clearly calls out event invitations. The "event" icon makes it easy to identify events at a glance, by showing the details of the proposed event with a clear action to RSVP right from your inbox. In addition, the "flag" and "attachment" icons are more prominently displayed on the right side of the message list, mirroring what Outlook users are used to on Windows. And when you're scrolling down on your message list while triaging email, pressing the "Mail" navigation button pops you back to the top of your inbox.

Microsoft adds that nearly 30 million people are now using some form of Outlook on their tablets or smartphones. In addition, Engadget reports that the Sunrise calendar app will eventually be discontinued by Microsoft, but only after all of its main features have been incorporated into Outlook.

Source: Microsoft, Engadget

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