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What you need to know

  • Copy That makes it easy to free up space on your iPhone and iPad by moving media to an external drive.

OWC, the company usually associated with making some great Mac accessories, today released a new OWC Copy That app that, predictably, takes files from your iPhone and iPad and copies them to external drives.

The theory is pretty simple – you copy photos and videos off your iPhone and iPad so that you can free up space for other stuff. The app's free, but if you pay for the $0.99 in-app purchase Copy That will also verify copied files and allow you to delete the originals as well.

With Copy That, OWC has taken the guesswork out of data backup. The process is simple. Connect your iPhone or iPad to an external drive. Select the type of media you want to copy and how you want to copy it. Then click the "Copy That" button, and you're done. Whether you are a hobbyist out in the field taking nature photos, an influencer shooting daily videos, or you're just an enthusiast taking family pictures, OWC Copy That lets you free up storage on your device, duplicate and protect your valuable data.

The included smart copy feature allows the app to exclude screenshots and selfies if you wish, too.

OWC Copy That includes smart copy functions that streamline the copy process. You can exclude screenshots and selfies and decide what you want to do with existing files. OWC Copy That puts you in control of your data. These settings are sticky. Once they are set, they become your default settings until you change them. This makes it a breeze to copy files in batches whenever you need. No longer do you have to click and click to copy photos and video. OWC Copy That makes the process quick and easy.

You can download OWC Copy That from the App Store now.

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