Aria MacBook Pro caseSource: Pad & Quill

What you need to know

  • Pad & Quill's Aria cases are designed for MacBook Pro and MacBook Air notebooks.
  • They're all handcrafted and look great.
  • You can order yours now.

Pad & Quill is a name that has become synonymous with high quality cases and the Aria line is no different. Newly announced, the case comes in three different sizes; 13-inch MacBook Pro, 15-inch MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air. And each and every one of them is handcrafted.

I've used Pad & Quill Apple Watch bands in the past and been very impressed, and Lory recently reviewed an iPhone 11 Pro case, too. The company sure looks like it's continuing to put out great cases with the Aria.

No matter which of the cases you get you're going to enjoy the same fit and finish. All are made from full grain leather in the USA. And because it's leather it will patina over time. You even get to choose whether you'd like black or brown leather when placing your order.

Importantly, Pad & Quill says that all of your MacBook's ports will remain available when using this case so you won't need to take it out just to plug your USB drive in.

Aria MacBook Pro caseSource: Pad & Quill

On top of all that, each case is backed by a 25-year warranty. Companies don't give things like that out unless they're supremely confident in what they've put together.

The Aria MacBook Pro 13 inch case is made from superior genuine leather, ultra strong UV resistant stitching and crafted by hands who are generations skilled at working with leather goods. Yep, we are so proud fo these artisans, they even discreetly sign every case they hand made. We even back it up with a 25 year leather warranty and 30 day money back promise.

The cases are available now with special introductory pricing of $134.95 for the Aria MacBook Pro 13-inch Case, while the 15-inch model will set you back $139.95. MacBook Air owners will pay the least at $119.95.

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