Pandora gets Siri update for Apple Watch

Pandora Watch
Pandora Watch (Image credit: Pandora)

What you need to know

  • Pandora has issued a big update to its iOS app.
  • The new release brings Siri support to Apple Watch
  • You can ask Siri to play songs, albums, and more, as well as telling it whether you like or dislike a song.

Popular streaming app Pandora has been updated to include Siri support for Apple Watch.

The app was updated April 29 and its full release notes state:

NEW: Edit Shuffle Stations feature * Available for Premium listeners * Select which stations you want to play on shuffle_

NEW: Siri on Apple Watch

  • Ask Siri to play stations, songs, albums, and podcasts: "Hey Siri, play Thumbprint Radio on Pandora."
  • Tell Siri you like or dislike the current song: "Hey Siri, I like this song."_

ADDED FEATURES/IMPROVEMENTS: Siri on iOS * Ask Siri to add music to your collection or for a specific playlist: "Hey Siri, add Hotel California to my collection on Pandora." (Premium listeners only) * Tell Siri you like or dislike the current song. * Even more personalized discovery to help you find and listen to the music you love.

Now, with Apple Watch, you can use Siri to play all of your Pandora content straight from your wrist. As with other third-party audio, you'll need to specify 'On Pandora' when making your request, just like you might with Spotify, otherwise your Watch will default to Apple Music. You can use Siri to play stations, songs, albums, and podcasts from the Watch, and you can also tell Siri if you like or dislike a song.

Pandora has also updated Siri across all iOS platforms, so you can now use Siri to add music to your collections or a specific playlist with Siri.

The new update is available now from the App Store.

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