Paper by FiftyThree gets a share extension and smart text formatting

Paper, the popular drawing app for iPhone and iPad from FiftyThree, has been updated. Version 3.5 introduces smart text formatting, as well as a new way to format manually. Paper now also has its own sharing extension.

With smart text formatting, Paper will automatically center your text as you start typing. Press return, and the text will left-justify. You can switch text format between title, sub-title, paragraph, bullet, and sub-bullet by swiping on your text. Swipe to the left for larger text, and to the right for smaller text.

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After you enable the share extension, you'll be able to share photos, text, and more with Paper from any app that supports the iOS share sheet. When you share, you'll be given options for the destination notebook for the item. Open that notebook in the app to find your photo or text alongside your other work.

You can grab Paper 3.5 from the App Store now.

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