Paper by fiftythree update brings faster ink, edge-to-edge drawing, and more

The popular iPad sketching app Paper by fiftythree has been updated with some really great features including faster ink, edge-to-edge drawing, new gestures, an improved Rewind feature, and more. Paper focuses on being able to bring focus to their users and providing a natural creative experience. This upgrade makes that experience even better.

One of the new gestures is called Move. You can grab any page or journal with a simple press and hold and use multi-touch to open, close, and swipe, making it very fast to get around. You can also press and hold the "+" button to make duplicates of your favorite pages and journals allowing you to turn them into templates for layouts, wireframes, storyboards, and more.

When it comes to actual drawing, Paper has received a speed boost and boasts of three times faster ink. This is extremely important to artists because drawing with Paper needs to be as close to the real thing as possible in order to be desirable. With these improvements, drawing is more responsive and precise than ever. In addition to the faster ink, the drawing experience has improved by allow full screen edge-to-edge drawing and if you reach the end of your journal, simply swipe from the edge to add another page.

One of the most criticized feature of Paper by fiftythree was it's unique Rewind feature. The rewind feature works as a undo tool that lets you jump back to an earlier version of your creation and spinning the other way would work as a fast forward. Although unique and interesting, Rewind felt like a 1.0 product and was a bit hard to control. With Paper's recent update, Rewind has been more refined and as a more intuitive feel -- the faster you go the more you rewind.

Lastly, Paper by fiftythree now allows users to customize your sharing settings. For example, you can create you own default Tumblr captions and tags.

Paper users, what do you think of this update? Does the faster ink and better rewind make the already great experience even better?

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Leanna Lofte

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