PCalc's newest update includes more display options and a soundtrack

Popular feature-heavy scientific calculator app PCalc just got an update today, and though it's minor, it features more display options, tint colors for more themes, and a soundtrack. Yes, I said soundtrack.

Display-wise, the app now "smarter" about using the available screen space. In addition, in settings, you can choose to show x10 in scientific notation as well as toggle off the labels and info on the display. And, for the aesthetically conscious among you, you can now change the tint for more themes, including "A Touch of Color," "Brawn," and "Widget."

In terms of functionality, you can now use hyperbolic trigonometry in user functions and conversions. It also works even better on the iPhone X than ever before.

However, possibly the coolest new thing to come out of this update (at least to me, as someone who does very little calculating) is that the app's About screen now has an ambient soundtrack by multitalented electronic musician Squillopian, which developer James Thomson commissioned because, as he cleverly said in a tweet announcing the update's launch, he could. ("Because you can" is Squillopian's latest album, by the way.)

If you'd like to give PCalc a shot, you can grab it from the App Store by clicking on the download link below.

  • PCalc - $9.99 - Download now


Are you an avid PCalc user? What do you think of it? Share your experience in the comments!

Tory Foulk

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