What you need to know

  • PDF Expert has been updated with iOS and iPadOS 13 support.
  • That means all of the new hotness is included.
  • Dark Mode, multi-window, and PencilKit support are all here.

Popular PDF editing app PDF Expert has been updated to add support for all of the new hotness that iOS and iPadOS 13 offer up. The update is free and available for download now.

After the public release of PDF Expert 7 back in August, our team has been busy working on readying the next set of major features to be shipped in the app. PDF Expert 7 is the biggest release of PDF Expert to date, bringing in a ton of features and improvements to your PDF experience on your iPhone and iPad. Today, we're delighted to introduce the new PDF Expert with some exciting new features and powerful experiences made possible by iOS 13 and iPadOS for iPhones and iPads.

Like so many of the other apps that have been updated in recent days, PDF Expert now supports Dark Mode. Not only does that look great, but the theory goes that it will also be less harsh on your eyes. If you're a secret midnight PDF editor, this update is for you.

Developer Readdle has also included support for PencilKit, improving the way Apple Pencil owners will interact with documents on-screen. Speaking of interacting on-screen, new gestures are also included to make it easier than ever to work with your PDF of choice.

For the true productivity fiend Readdle has also added support for multiple windows. This is multitasking at its best with two different documents open side-by-side. Comparing versions of files or just taking notes while editing a PDF are just two of the situations where having multiple PDF Expert windows open at a single time can be super helpful. But hardcore multitaskers won't need us to tell them that!

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