People are loving iOS 13.1, but bugs continue to hang around

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Just a few days after iOS 13 was released, Apple quickly rolled out iOS 13.1. In addition to a handful of new features, the newest update squashes a lot of bugs leftover from the beta period. The good news is most people are pleased with the stability and performance of iOS 13.1, but not everything is smooth sailing.

Some users noted that their device doesn't seem quite as sluggish on iOS 13.1. Some users are also noting improved battery life, which is always welcome.

While iOS 13.1 appears to be a big improvement over iOS 13, some users are still reporting bugs. In fact, Apple's support Twitter is doing overtime by trying to help users fix issues they've encountered.

Before iOS 13 was released, developers voiced their concerns over the instability of the software, and many of their worst fears were realized once iOS 13 was released publicly. Although it wasn't quite the disaster many feared, bugs were a major talking point when iOS 13 hit. Although iOS 13.1 appears to be a lot better, some users are still experiencing problems.

Apple is already hard at work on more updates beyond iOS 13.1, which should improve the experience even more. For now, if you're running into issues, you might want to reach out to Apple Support to see if anything can be done.

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