Personal Hotspot with iOS 4.3 coming to AT&T on March 11th

AT&T confirmed yesterday that they will be supporting the Personal Hotspot feature that already is available to Verizon iPhone 4 customers with the release of the iOS 4.3 software on March 11th. To enable this feature you will need to subscribe to the DataPro Hotspot/Tethering plan which carries a $45 per month fee. For that you will get 4GB of data to share between your normal data usage, tethering, and the Hotspot feature.

At least AT&T did not make you wait for this feature as they did with tethering feature that made it's debut around the word with iOS 3.0. So how many of you will are will to fork over some extra hard earned cash for this feature? And for those of you with grandfathered into unlimited iPhone data, are you willing to give that up?

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