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What you need to know

  • Philips Hue Gradient Lightstrip Ambiance hasn't been announced, but it looks like it's coming.
  • The new two-meter light strip will support displaying multiple colors at once.

Philips Hue doesn't have its own light strip that's capable of displaying multiple colors at once — but that looks like that's going to change soon.

According to, the Philips Hue Gradient Lightstrip Ambiance is a two-meter light strip that will be able to display multiple colors at once, hence the gradient part of the name. Based on images of the box shared by the same report, support for Alexa and Google Assistant will be included and, we have to assume, HomeKit support will be there too.

While Philips Hue does already have the Play Gradient Light Strip available, that's a product that's designed to be attached to the back of a TV. That isn't the case with this unannounced product.

In contrast to the Play Gradient Light Strip, the new light strip will have a back with double-sided adhesive tape so that it can be mounted flexibly. As a "White and Color Ambiance" product, it will be able to display 16 million colours in addition to white tones. However, you will have to pay extra for the gradient function. While the normal Lightstrip Plus costs 80 euros, the new Gradient Lightstrip Ambiance will cost around 130 euros.

As you might expect, the same report also expects an extension to be available for those who need something longer than two meters, too.

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Expectations are that the new light strip will cost around $150, although there is no current indication of when we should expect it to go on sale. Don't fancy waiting? These are the best HomeKit light strips that are already available today.