Best HomeKit light strips iMore 2022

Thanks to their flexible nature, the best HomeKit light strips are an excellent way to add a little color or light to your home. Like HomeKit light bulbs, these light strips work with the Home app and Siri, enabling some pretty cool ways to control brightness levels and colors through voice commands, scenes, and automation. We have gathered all of the best HomeKit light strips around to help you decide which is the best for your needs.

Nanoleaf Lightstrip

Thread and more: Nanoleaf Essentials Bluetooth Thread & WiFi Smart RGBCW 16M+ Color LED Cuttable Lightstrip 80"

Staff Favorite

Nanoleaf's Essentials Lightstrip is the brightest HomeKit light strip around, with the ability to output a whopping 2,200 lumens of colorful light. Nanoleaf's Essentials Lightstrip also includes the latest HomeKit features — like Adaptive Lighting — and Thread networking. With Thread, we experienced blazing-fast response times and excellent range when we combined it with a HomePod mini in our recent review.

Lifx Color Zones Light Strip 40-inch and packaging

Customizable colors: LIFX Lightstrip, 3.3' Starter Kit, Wi-Fi Smart LED Light Strip

The LIFX Color Zones Lightstrip features Polychrome technology which allows it to display multiple colors at once. LIFX's strip has eight distinct color zones, provides up to 700 lumens of brightness, and works with HomeKit, Alexa, and Google Assistant.

Philips Hue Outdoor Lightstrip

Great outdoors: Philips Hue Smart Outdoor Lightstrip, 2m/7ft

The Philips Hue Smart Outdoor Lightstrip Plus stands out for its accurate color reproduction and ability to display up to 16 million different shades. The ability to display this many colors works in tandem with Hue scenes, allowing the strip to function as a wake-up light, entertainment light, or party light with just a tap. Plus, you can leave it up all year-round outdoors due to its weather resistance rating.

Blue and white lights shining on a slightly coiled light strip

Bright beauty: Eve Light Strip - Apple HomeKit Smart Home LED Lights Strip

The Eve Light Strip boasts an insanely bright 1800 lumens of peak brightness and millions of colors. This 6.6-foot light strip connects directly to your iOS device and HomeKit via Bluetooth, offering a secure and private connection without relying on a cloud server. In our hands-on review, we loved the Eve Light Strip's ability to produce better greens and blues than most light strips and how it works with HomeKit Adaptive Lighting.

Meross Led Homekit

Great lengths: meross Smart LED Strip Lights Works with Apple HomeKit, 32.8ft WiFi RGB Strip

As noted in our review, we appreciated how the meross Smart Wi-Fi Light Strip blankets up to 32.8 feet in colorful goodness, thanks to the inclusion of two 16-foot sections in the box. As the name suggests, this light strip connects with HomeKit over Wi-Fi without a hub, and once up and running, you can change colors via Siri, the Home app, or the meross app.

$49 at Amazon
Onvis K1 Smart Led Light Strip and packaging

Dynamic colors: Onvis Smart LED Strip Lights RGBIC, 6.6ft Smart LED Light Strip

Like the LIFX Color Zones Lightstrip, the ONVIS Smart LED Light Strip supports the ability to display multiple colors at once. With color zones, you can adjust brightness levels and saturation for numerous areas throughout, and they also enable dynamic scenes and effects through the ONVIS app.

$40 at Amazon

Light it up with the best HomeKit light strips

Just as you get with HomeKit light bulbs, the best HomeKit light strips can brighten your home with rich colors with just a tap or through voice control via Siri. Scenes can give your room the look of a natural sunset, and HomeKit automation can turn them on or off at set times through custom schedules. They also work great as holiday lighting, with suitable options for the outdoors, enabling some discreet installation options that can be left out all year.

We love the Nanoleaf Essentials Lightstrip, which offers cutting-edge Thread technology and incredible brightness in a wallet-friendly package. Thread makes Nanoleaf's strip incredibly responsive if you have a HomePod mini in your home, and with HomeKit Adaptive Lighting, it automatically adjusts color temperature throughout the day.

Meanwhile, the LIFX Color Zones Lightstrip's ability to display multiple colors simultaneously makes it another clear winner. The LIFX light strip is easy to set up, connecting to your Wi-Fi network without needing an additional hub. The Philips Hue Outdoor LightStrip Plus is another excellent option if you don't mind hubs. The Hue light strip boasts millions of colors and shades of white and works with pre-built scenes in the Hue app.

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