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HomeKit lightstrips are one of the best ways to add a little color or light to your home, thanks to their flexible nature. These lightstrips work with Apple's Home app, and with Siri, enabling some pretty cool ways to control their brightness and colors through voice commands, scenes, and automations. Ready to add some life to your home? We have gathered all of the best HomeKit options available to help you decide which is the best for your needs.

Customizable: LIFX Z LED Lightstrip

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LIFX's Z LED Lightstrip is the only HomeKit strip on the market that can display multiple colors all at the same time through distinct zones within the strip. This means that it can be set up to emulate gradients, allowing colors to shift from dark to light throughout the length of the strip. The LIFX Z can also provide up to 1,400 lumens of brightness, making it one of the brightest around, and it works with not just HomeKit, but also with Alexa and the Google Assistant.

Plus color: Philips Hue LightStrip Plus

The LightStrip Plus, which is part of the Philips Hue line, is lauded for its accurate color reproduction through its ability to display up to 16 million different shades. The ability to display this many colors works in tandem with Hue scenes, allowing the strip to function as a wake-up light, entertainment light, or party light with just a tap. You will need a Philips Hue Hub to enable all of these smart goodies though. However, the hub allows for lightning-fast response times and rock-solid reliability.

Bright beauty: Eve Lightstrip

The Eve Lightstrip boasts the highest brightness levels of them all, with its ability to output a whopping 1,800 lumens. This 6.6-foot lightstrip can extend up to 32 feet with additional kits and can be cut to shorter lengths if needed. Built-in Bluetooth connectivity means that this lightstrip connects directly to your iOS device and HomeKit, offering a secure, private connection without having to rely on a server in the cloud.

Flexible features: SANTALA Smart LED Strip Light

SANTALA's affordable lightstrip features IP65 water and dust resistance, allowing you to use it for holiday lighting and more, indoors and out. Plus, a unique USB power connection enables a wide range of placement and mounting options, including the ability to work directly off of the port on the back of most TVs and PCs.

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Cost effective: Vocolinc LS2 Smart LED Lightstrip

Vocolinc's LS2 is one of the cheapest options around for a HomeKit light strip, but that doesn't mean that it skimps on features. This lightstrip supports the ability to display up to 16 million different colors just like its competitors, and it is compatible with all of the major smart home platforms, keeping you in the game if you decide to switch things up.

Direct connection: Sylvania Smart+ Flex Strip

The Smart+ Flex Strip from Sylvania works exclusively with HomeKit through a direct Bluetooth connection. This allows the lightstrip to function entirely locally, even when your internet is down, and of course, it can work when you are out and about if you have a HomeKit hub. While this lightstrip may not be the brightest around, coming in at 400 lumens, it does cover a large temperature range, 2700 to 6500k, enabling it to be tuned to match the time of day.

Flexible wonders

HomeKit lightstrips offer the ability to lighten up your home with rich, colorful lights, with just a tap or with your voice through Siri. Scenes can give your room the look of a natural sunset, and automations can turn them on or off at set times or through custom scheduling. They also work great as holiday lighting, with options that are suitable for the outdoors, enabling some discreet installation options that can be left out all year. These lightstrips can also integrate with other HomeKit accessories, enabling powerful automations such as turning on the lights when motion occurs or at sunset.

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We love the LIFX Z LED Lighstrip's ability to display multiple colors at the same time, flowing from one end of the strip to the other. This lightstrip is also incredibly easy to set up, connecting to your Wi-Fi network without the need for an additional hub.

If you do happen to own some Philips Hue light bulbs and the Hue Hub, then the LightStrip Plus is a great way to expand your current set up. This lightstrip boasts the ability to display 16 million different shades of colors and whites, and works with pre-built scenes in the Hue app. Are you looking for the brightest lightstrip on the market? Then look no further than the Eve Lightstrip. This powerful strip can output up to 1,800 lumens of brightness, allowing it to light up even the darkest of places.

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