These Philips Hue Labs formulas can help with working from home

Hue lights in a work from home setting
Hue lights in a work from home setting (Image credit: Signify)

What you need to know

  • Philips Hue Labs has shared 4 light formulas for working at home.
  • Formulas include relaxation, concentration, and sleep routines.
  • Formulas are available for free for Hue owners through the Hue app.

Philips Hue has recently shared a collection of smart lighting formulas through Hue Labs that aim to help those working from home. The formulas, which range from concentration to sleep routines, utilize the company's popular lighting line to simulate various shades of colors and whites.

In total, 4 work from home formulas have been shared, with the most interesting being Workday breaks and Personal go to sleep. The Workday breaks formula works by adjusting color temperature based on your work schedule after setting your desired work and break times. Whiter, cooler colors are designed to help with concentration, where softer more yellow tones are used for relaxation during break periods.

Workday breaks: With this formula, you can alternate between the bright, cool lights of Concentrate and the soft, soothing lights of Relax to ensure you're working efficiently — and taking breaks when you need them. Select how long you'd like to work uninterrupted, and then how long your break should be. Let the formula run on repeat throughout your workday.

The Personal go to sleep formula works with your Hue lights to slowly fade out when you are ready to hit the sack, instead of at a set time. Hue Labs states that this formula was "created especially for people who don't have a strict bedtime", and it works in conjunction with an accessory like the Hue Dimmer Switch or even Amazon's Alexa to start the end of the night process.

Personal go to sleep: Created especially for people who don't have a strict bedtime, this formula prepares you to go to sleep with the touch of a button. When activated, your lights will turn on to the scene of your choosing, gently fading until they turn off completely to help you drift off to dreamland. You can also set the formula to activate when you touch a designated button on your Hue dimmer switch (long press) or Tap switch, or by telling your Amazon Alexa, "Alexa, turn on Personal go to sleep."

Other formulas include Time-based light and Personal Wake up. All 4 of the work from home formulas are available now for free through the Hue Labs section of the Hue app or the Hue Labs website. A Philips Hue bridge is required for Hue Labs functionality, and they will not work with the recent line of Bluetooth light bulbs on their own.

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