2015 MacBook Pro

What you need to know

  • Apple recalled some 2015 MacBook Pro models.
  • A British travel photographer's machine is one of those recalled.
  • He hasn't had it repaired yet and now he can't fly.

A British travel photographer finds himself stuck in location in Vietnam after it turned out that his 15-inch MacBook Pro was one of those recalled by Apple. The problem is he didn't get the work done, and now no airline will let him fly.

According to the story in The Independent the photographer was invited to work in Vietnam by a travel company. The flew there on an Air France airplane with his MacBook Pro in his carry on luggage. He even made two domestic flights with Vietnam Airlines without issue, but when he tried to return home via the same airline he was told that he couldn't take the notebook with him. At all.

At first they said 'don't switch it on during the flight'. But then security decided to say a flat 'no' to me taking it on the aircraft.

When it was suggested that the MacBook Pro remain in Vietnam while the man flew home to Europe, he refused. Apparently it was just too important to leave behind.

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Instead, he's now waiting for a replacement battery to be shipped out from Singapore so his machine can be repaired. That can take up to two weeks, apparently. Which we imagine is quite the inconvenience.

Apple recalled some 2015 15-inch MacBook Pros earlier this year and ever since we've seen various airlines and aviation authorities take different stances on the situation. It may also come down to whether the security officials at the airline and check-in desks are fully up to speed as to whether an affected machine is allowed onto a flight, too.