Tyler Stalman and Mac ProSource: iMore

What you need to know

  • Tyler Stalman is a photographer and video creator.
  • He's been testing a Mac Pro.
  • His latest video runs through his thoughts on whether creatives need one or not.

Apple's new Mac Pro has been around for a few weeks now but we still can't quite get enough of it. Sure, it's overkill for 99% of people and it costs more than some small cars, but that's part of the charm. But some people do need all that power and photographer Tyler Stalman has been wondering whether creative professionals are some of those people.

Stalman has been testing a pretty spec-heavy Mac Pro along with an Apple Pro Display XDR. The video doesn't focus on the latter at all, but Stalman's thoughts on the computer are interesting. Especially given the machine he was given for review.

That Mac Pro has a 3.2GHz 16-core processor, 192GB of RAM, 4TB of storage, and two Radeon Vega Pro Vega 2 graphics cards. And that's a lot of horsepower. As Stalman shows during his video, it's probably considerably more than photographers need unless they have very specific workflows. In fact, depending on what they're doing, it might even be more than videographers need as well.

I'd suggest checking Stalman's video out if only to hear how quiet Mac Pro's fans are. Or not hear them, as the case may be.