Picaso Lab iPad Pro (2018) sleeve: Handcrafted with love; Woz approved

Picaso Lab makes the infamous hand-stitched sleeve for MacBook that was signed by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, of which 100% of the sales went to charity. The company recently released a sleeve for the iPad Pro (2018) with a similar look that's designed to fit, not just your iPad Pro, but also Apple's Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil as well. Each sleeve is crafted by hand, cut, stitched, and made to order over a few days.

The Good

  • Handcrafted design
  • Wide enough for Smart Keyboard
  • Secures Apple Pencil
  • Supple leather feel

The Bad

  • Limited options

Protects it all

Picaso Lab iPad Pro sleeve: The features

Picaso Lab sleeve for iPad Pro

The Picaso Lab sleeve is made from very thick, soft leather with handcrafted stitching along the outer edge. The interior is a mix of leather and felt and there is a strap with a snap enclosure that keeps everything in place. It's wider than the standard sleeve, but that's because it's designed to keep your iPad Pro with the Smart Keyboard snugly in place.

The top of the sleeve is exposed so your Apple Pencil can stay on its magnetic charging spot. A nice bonus of the strap is that it covers the Apple Pencil, too. So there are fewer chances of you accidentally losing that little guy.

Ruggedly soft

Picaso Lab iPad Pro sleeve: What I like

Picaso Lab sleeve for iPad Pro

The leather used to make this case is very thick. Though it's not designed or rated for drop protection, it's thick enough that I feel comfortable carrying my iPad Pro around in it without worrying about dings.

Though it's a thick sheet of leather, it's also Napa tanned, so it's soft and supple to the touch. It's got a very nice, cushy feeling when you hold it.

If you use an iPad Pro with the Smart Keyboard, you've probably noticed that there aren't a whole lot of options for cases that fit both. You either have to take the Smart Keyboard off or find a sleeve that is wide enough for both, which can sometimes mean an ill-fitting sleeve.

The Picaso Lab sleeve is wide, but not long. So it snuggly fits the iPad Pro with the Smart Keyboard. It's designed that way. It doesn't look like a too-big sleeve or anything.

That little red strap on top is the icing on the cake. With everything in place, the strap acts as additional security for your Apple Pencil.

No, you can't

Picaso Lab iPad Pro sleeve: What I don't like

Picaso Lab sleeve for iPad Pro

The options are very limited here. Though the case I am reviewing is brown with red lining, the only available case from Picaso Lab right now comes in black with red stitching and lining.

There is also not a version of the sleeve for people that don't have a Smart Keyboard. Though the iPad Pro still fits in the sleeve without the Smart Keyboard, it's not snug, which makes the iPad feel less secure.

Bottom line

Picaso Lab iPad Pro sleeve

Picaso Lab sleeve for iPad Pro

For fans of leather craft, this is a beauty. It's got a gorgeous embroidered accent stitching along the outer edge and a nice feel when you hold it. It's thick but soft. It's the perfect case for people that use an iPad Pro with a Smart Keyboard.

Unfortunately, that's really the only people it's perfect for. It's specifically designed with a wider pocket so you can snugly fit your iPad and Smart Keyboard. If you don't have the latter, it's not a snug fit. You may find one of these cases for the 11-inch iPad Pro or these cases for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro to be more up your alley.

If you like the color and use the Smart Keyboard with your iPad Pro, you should definitely give this a second look. The company has the Woz's nod, and that's saying something.

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