Pixelmator 2.5 for mobile includes files-based document browser and more

Pixelmator 2.5 Lead Image Pixelmator
Pixelmator 2.5 Lead Image Pixelmator (Image credit: Pixelmator)

What you need to know

  • The update is available for iPhone and iPad.
  • Two new browsers make it easier to find existing content.
  • Pixelmator is $4.99 on the App Store.

The latest version of Pixelmator for mobile has arrived for the iPad and iPhone. Version 2.5 is described as a "big step" by its creators. Pixelmator 2.5's most significant update is the introduction of an all-new files-based document browser and an equally fresh photo browser. The former brings much easier file management, file search, and tagging, plus a more natural way to save to cloud storage services, and more.

Beyond this, the update includes new size presets that let you create new images with standard sizes. You'll also find Take Photo and Open Most Recent Photo quick actions and Flash mode preservation after closing and reopening of the Camera app. Additionally, the strength of the True Tone effect will now be reduced when editing in Pixelmator, when applicable.

Pixelmator 2.5 showing new file system on iPhone and iPad

Pixelmator 2.5 showing new file system on iPhone and iPad (Image credit: Pixelmator)

Among the fixes in this release:

  • If certain third-party apps used the PXM extension for their files, having those apps installed could prevent Pixelmator from creating or opening files. Fixed.
  • Fixed several memory management issues.
  • The Pixelmator for iOS Help would sometimes be displayed incorrectly. Fixed.
  • Having the Full Keyboard Access accessibility setting turned on would cause Pixelmator to quit unexpectedly. Fixed.

Of the new updated, Pixelmator for iOS lead developer Tomas Andrijauskas explains:

Today's update makes it easier than ever to create and edit images on the go using Pixelmator. The new Files-based document browser makes it easier to manage all your Pixelmator files, the new image size presets let you quickly create new images with common sizes, and the new Photos browser brings a way to easily open and edit images in your Photo library. We think our users are going to really love these changes.

If you haven't yet done so, you can download Pixelmator 2.5 on the App Store from your iPhone or iPad. You must have at least iOS 11 installed on your device to install the app.

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