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What you need to know

  • Pixelmator Pro has announced support for AppleScript on the Mac.
  • The new support will enable the app to run tons of automation scripts.
  • The update is available for users today.

Pixelmator Pro is out with a major update that adds support for AppleScript on the Mac, enabling all kinds of automation for the app.

As detailed by Pixelmator, the new support for Applescript will enable features like the following:

• Over 60 application-specific commands together with all the standard AppleScript terms. • Automation-specific commands like 'detect face', 'detect QR code' and 'replace text' for creating powerful and versatile scripts. • Full support for scripting ML actions powered by Core ML (like ML Super Resolution, ML Enhance, ML Denoise, and more)

Andrius Gailiunas from the Pixelmator team says that the company worked with Sal Soghoian, who was the Product Manager of AppleScript at Apple, in order to bring automation with Pixelmator Pro to life.

"For this update, we also worked together with Sal Soghoian, the legendary user automation guru, who served for over 20 years as the Product Manager of Automation Technologies, including AppleScript and Automator, among others. He really helped us with our scripting dictionary and guided us in our quest to make AS support as powerful and full-featured as possible!"

Soghoian says that the addition of AppleScript support for the Pixelmator Pro app on the Mac is a "game-changer."

"AppleScript support in Pixelmator Pro is a game-changer, making this amazing app an essential component of everyone's workflows. Whether you run scripts or write them, the depth and scope of the AppleScript automation in Pixelmator Pro makes magic happen. Kudos to the Pixelmator Team for their commitment and service to the Mac community."

For those who want to get started and build automation into Pixelmator Pro, the Pixelmator team has but together a deatiled tutorial. The update is available to Mac users today and, for those who are still considering purchasing Pixelmator Pro, the app is currently 30% off its usual price on the Mac App Store.

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