Pixelmator Pro On Macbook ProSource: Pixelmator Team

What you need to know

  • Pixelmator Pro is now available with a 50% discount.
  • A new ML Crop feature is also being teased.

Pixelmator Pro is now available with a massive 50% price reduction, the team behind the popular app announced today. That means you can pick it up for a bargain $19.99 right now.

The same is part of a promotion in which an upcoming feature is also being teased. ML Crop will improve the Crop tool in a ton of new ways, the Pixelmator Team says.

Starting today, Pixelmator Pro is going on sale and is now available with a gigantic, no – gargantuan! – discount of 50%. Not only that, we've also got a second sneak peek for you at the upcoming Pixelmator Pro 2.1 update, showcasing the super fun new ML Crop feature.

As for ML Crop, Pixelmator Pro users can look forward to a feature that looks at the composition of photos using machine learning so it can suggest the best drop based on what the image shows. It's another example of letting your computer determine the best way forward, all thanks to machine learning. Apple's latest MacBook Air and other Apple silicon Macs are particularly suited to this kind of work thanks to those new chips.

What does ML Crop do? It analyzes the composition of photos using a machine learning algorithm and gives you a suggestion for how you could crop the photo to make it more eye-catching. Above all, we want this feature to just be fun, giving you some different perspectives for a common photo editing task. And it looks like that's exactly how it will work!

ML Crop is part of a big new Pixelmator Pro 2.1 update that's coming soon. For now, you can lock that 50% discount in buy picking Pixelmator Pro up from the Mac App Store now

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