Plan your coffee run more easily with Starbucks' updated app

According to a tweet by Starbucks' Principal digital product designer Jason Stoff, version 4.5 of Starbucks for iOS and Android is rolling out today and features updates to the Stores and Order sections of the app as well as "tons of bug fixes."

Now, when users are choosing a nearby store to pick up their order from, a map will appear, allowing them to see the store's location relative to wherever they currently are. The Stores section now also boasts improved search and filter functions, making it easier to plan your visit or place a mobile order. For instance, if you know you've got your heart set on some Nitro Cold Brew, you can set parameters in order to limit your search exclusively to stores that offer it.

In addition, the company also improved the Order section of the app, making it so browsing the food and drink menus is more fluid and user-friendly. You can view featured beverages and snacks, as well as see what items are out of stock where so you can make sure you can get your hands on the chocolate croissant you've been craving all day. You can also add items you frequently order to a Favorites menu so you can get your usual even faster.

As for bug fixes, Stoff noted in a further tweet in the update thread that those included a remedy for a particularly "nasty" issue that prohibited users from signing in.

If you're looking to make your coffee runs a little less stressful but don't yet have the Starbucks app, you can download it by clicking the link below. Though you don't have to have a Starbucks Rewards membership to order ahead, you can access more features (such as earning stars) if you do have an account. You can create one for free via the app or by going to the Starbucks website.

Thoughts? Questions?

Have any questions about using the Starbucks app? If you've never used the app before, have version 4.5's new features swayed you? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Tory Foulk

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