Weather On The Way Promo ImageSource: Weather on the Way

What you need to know

  • Anyone planning a road trip knows checking the weather can be painful.
  • Checking the forecast for different locations is tedious.
  • Weather on the Way solves that by showing the forecast from point start to finish.

Road trips are great fun but planning for them is super boring. Planning for the weather is even worse because you need to check multiple locations at multiple times or on different days. Now there's an app that does away with that frustration, doing all the hard work for you.

Weather on the Way, spotted by Tools & Toys, takes your start point and your destination and then shows you the forecast for everywhere in between based on when you're going to be there. You can get forecasts up to three days in advance with weather data coming from Dark Sky.

The idea is simple – the more you know about the weather that's waiting for you, the better you can plan. There's more, too.

  • Weather forecast for points along your route
  • Avoid unexpected delays
  • Temperature, conditions, chance of precipitation, weather warnings

  • Pick the route with the best weather.

  • Choose the time of departure up to 3 days in the future.
  • Easy to read forecast

  • Timeline shows time and place of sunset and sunrise

  • General forecast for a day of arrival
  • Privacy Focused – No creepy tracking, no ads, no analytics.

Weather on the Way is a free download from the App Store. There's a $0.99 per month Pro subscription that'll be needed for some of the features to be unlocked, though.

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