A plea for multiple months on Calendar for Apple Watch

I went out to dinner with my family a couple of nights ago and, when we got to discussing plans for the summer, I needed to check a couple dates. Since I've come to rely on my Apple Watch for any brief but important interaction, I immediately lifted my wrist, tapped into the Calendar app, went Month View, and then—out of iPhone-honed instinct—scrolled down to go to the next month and... nothing but a rubber band bounce-back of nope.

The Apple Watch shipped with a Month Views in Calendar but only for the current month. I knew this, I know this, and yet every so often I go there without even thinking about it, expecting it to be there, only to be denied. Then I have to pull out my iPhone—yes, like an animal.

I've seen it happen with friends and acquaintances as well, and each time it does the conversation momentarily diverts to how great it would be if we could see more months than just the current one.

watchOS, the Apple Watch's operating system, seems to support the kind of behavior I'm expecting—plenty of apps let you swipe through sequential screens. The feature also seems in keeping with the Apple Watch's focus on quick, easily digestible information.

"Can we do Disney the second weekend in August?" "I'll check!" Lift. Tap. Swipe. "The first is a Saturday, so... the 8th or the 15th?" "Let's do the 15th!"

You can ask Siri questions that will get you information about upcoming months, but it's not the same as a high-level visualization of the entire month. It's not the same as seeing a traditional calendar.

One of the big new features for watchOS 2 is Time Travel for Complications. It'd be great if Apple also gave us "time travel" for Month View in Calendar, and let us see, recall, and schedule going backwards and forwards.

We've filed this as a feature enhancement request with Apple's bug reporter: rdar://21642763

Rene Ritchie

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