Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: Final evolution predictions for Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Sprigatito Fuecoco Quaxly
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As is always the case whenever a new Pokémon game is announced, we've gotten a look at Gen 9's starters in their baby evolutions. There's the bright-eyed and bushy-tailed Grass-type cat, Sprigatito, the laid-back and smiley Fire-type crocodile, Fuecoco, and the cute Water-type duck, Quaxly.

They might be cute now, but it's been the case for the last few Pokémon games that the starters start off looking good, but then have controversial evolutions. This has led the internet to create fanart for what they hope the Scarlet and Violet starters will look like, and we've jumped in on the fun with our own creations.

We are by no means professional artists, but it's still fun to get our ideas out there. See if you like what we came up with for Scarlet and Violet's new Pokémon starters.

Who will you choose? 

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Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly all have straightforward types, as Pokémon starters usually do. I've noticed newer generations tend to be double typed, so with these adorable starters I'm predicting this will be the case.

Sprigatito starts on all four feet and as much as I hope it stays that way, I think Game Freak will bring them up to two feet and add a Fairy-type to the Grass as they evolve. Fuecoco is listed on the Japanese site as a croc, so I think they will come into this crocodile appearance more as they evolve and will likely have a Ground-type in addition to Fire. Quaxly seems to be one of the more elegant-appearing Pokémon. As they evolve I expect some flowy, dramatic feathers, maybe some extensions to that hair, and to become a Water and Flying-type. – Alex Huebner

Tiger Woods, Infernogator, & Don Quaxote

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As with many other Pokémon fans, I just want the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet starters to maintain a more animal-like stance rather than looking like strange sporting mascots on two legs.

I envision Sprigatito turning into a Grass/Dark jungle cat, like a tiger with leaf-shaped fur and dark stripes. People have been comparing Fuecoco to a chili pepper, so I figure it would be best if he became a Fire/Ghost-type, or ghost pepper who stands up on his hind legs every now and then to blow fire and accentuate that chili pepper frame. Lastly, I've determined that Quaxly, a.k.a. the mini Donald Duck, eventually turns into the Water/Fighting-type, Don Quaxote, like the legendary Man of La Mancha. Thus, he gets the same iconic hat but also the whispy Scrooge McDuck feathers on its head. – Rebecca Spear

Grass, Fire, or Water

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Sprigatito is a green cat, so I drew a slightly larger green cat with stripes and a bushy tail. If Pokémon knows what's up they'll keep them on all fours like they belong. We don't need any more bipedal Grass types. Anyway, he's cute and I love him 10/10.

I know everyone is leaning towards a Fire/Ghost Pokémon with Fuecoco because he almost resembles a ghost pepper, but I'd love to see another Fire/Dragon type. I have a soft spot for Charizard (even though Game Freak didn't give him the dragon title like he rightly deserves). But sticking with the pepper theme, I gave Fuecoco's evolution little seeds along his spine and some leaves on his head. And I kept his colors on the warmer spectrum to represent the vegetable.

Quaxly, who's just a funky little guy, is all about flashy style, so what better way to show off than with rainbow wings. Plus his hair (hat?? Mouth thing??) grew out and now he can rock it like a mullet. Is it great? No, but I like to think it's better than the abomination that became Sobble's evolution. – Jennifer Locke

Next Gen Vibes

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For this one, we went one step further and made up names for the starter evolutions. Carnalata is a Grass/Fairy Pokémon that uses dance and song to sprinkle healing pollen from its tail. Lavadril is a Fire/Rock type who tends to keep away from civilization, as any provocation could cause the volcanoes on its back to erupt. Donpato is a Water/Flying type who often accompanies sailors on their ships, loving the thrill of adventure. – Nadine Dornieden

But, we all know they'll end up like this...

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If the last several Pokémon games are anything to go by, Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly will go from being their cute little animal selves to evolving into bipedal, anthropomorphic creatures with humanoid features aside from their coloring and animal heads. But who knows. Maybe Game Freak will surprise us in a good way this time.

The impossible dream

The time between when starters are announced and their final evolutions are revealed is a very magical one. Evolutionary possibilities are endless and we can create the Pokémon of our dreams. We'll have to see how the actual creatures measure up when they are officially revealed.


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