Pooh's Birthday Surprise for iPhone and iPad now available [Kids Corner]

The story of Winnie the Pooh's birthday is now available on the iPhone and iPad. Pooh's Birthday Surprise is an interactive storybook aimed to encourage reading and early math concepts.

Pooh’s Birthday Surprise is a Disney Learning interactive storybook designed to help children acquire and reinforce early literacy and pre-math concepts. As children read along with the word-by-word narration, they are invited to join in the birthday party planning with their favorite Hundred-Acre Wood friends. This rich storytelling experience features Winnie the Pooh illustrations and exciting tap-and-play animation on every page.

  • Early-learning activities include: identifying and extending simple patterns, problem solving, vocabulary awareness, and story comprehension.
  • Narration with word-by-word highlights supporting the read-along experience.
  • Special feature taps engage and surprise young readers. Shake to clear away dust, tilt to set clouds in motion, swipe to see flowers bloom, and much more.
  • End of book activities provide extended practice with early-learning concepts.
  • Learning activities refresh for repeat play and practice.
  • Info Page offers story extension activities for parents and caregivers.

Pooh's Birthday Surprise is available on the iPhone and iPad for $4.99.

[App Store link]

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