Flighty app in Dark Mode

What you need to know

  • Flighty is a great app for tracking flights on iPhone and iPad.
  • The app just received an update ready for iOS 13.
  • The update adds Dark Mode as well as improved map detail and more.

Flighty, the popular flight tracking app for iPhone and iPad, has been updated to add support for iOS 13's Dark Mode as well as a raft of other improvements.

The headlining feature is definitely the addition of a new, dark interface that makes plane watching more fun than ever. Users will need to have iOS 13 installed to enjoy the new interface with Apple releasing that tomorrow.

Alongside the new dark look Flighty also gains improved map themes as well as in-flight landmarks including mountains and bodies of water. Airports are now labelled as well, while performance has generally been improved, too.

Beyond that there are a number of smaller fixes and changes including:

  • Allow manual archive after Estimated Arrival
  • Add divider line to flight detail header
  • Add more clear X on paywall
  • Fix notification bug after a restore
  • Fix Tail Changes missing from Record of Changes
  • Fix selected color in search results
  • Fix missing past flights on Dec 31

This free update is available for download from the App Store right now. Note that a Flighty Pro subscription is required for some features, however.

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